Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The dolls visit Josie (while I just eat cake and ice cream)

Hi everyone! 
We went to South Carolina for Kyra/Rose's birthday, (her grandparents live there) it was just a day trip, but Elizabeth was very excited to see Josie again, as they were celebrating their birthdays as well. (The other girls were just as delighted, but a different type of delighted, since it wasn't their birthdays.)
They made a fire and roasted marshmallows to add more sugar onto to the cake and ice cream they had. 😜

 Camille and her new friend, Emerson! 🐟🌟

They ate a LOT of s'mores.  
 Josie has another new sister, Tenney, but she couldn't come, she had a performance and a few interviews that she couldn't miss back in Ohio. 😉

 I don't know if you can tell, but the fire is glowing. 🙂


Elizabeth got a bunny, she named it Brownie bite, like her mama's bunny, Brownie.  

 Then they climbed trees.

They visited a 'national park' and got one those vacation pictures where nobody is looking at the camera, everyone is goofing off, and someone is missing because they're taking the picture. (in this case, its Elizabeth) 
Well, at least they had fun.

 There was this tree that had red flowers that looked like roses on it.
It was very pretty. 

We also played with legos a bit, watched Ninjago and some of the Olympic figure skaters, played hide-and-go-seek-tag, and had cake, of course. 🙂 It was delicious, and so purple.💜
Have an amazing day ya'll,
What did you do this weekend? does Brownie bite look like a miniature 
version of Brownie or what? Is it cold where you're at? 
We had a warm day, but I can't wait until spring.
 I like being able to take dolls for photoshoots 
against all the green. 🍃

Friday, January 26, 2018

A snow photoshoot

Hey gals!
Last week, (or maybe it was two weeks?) it snowed a lovely amount. I was excited to take some pictures of the dolls in it, though I think it would have been better for them if it wasn't so deep. XD 

 I took Kit out, because I hadn't undressed her from skating, and Camille, since I thought she should get a chance to play in the snow. :) (Her outfit totally ruins the calm magical look but WHATEVER) 

 Yeah, she doesn't have any gloves. Shame on me. XD

 So pretty. 💋❄

 Don't be fooled: I barely stood them, they aren't close to touching the ground. 

 The sun decided to come out and glare/shadow everything weirdly just as I set them up for this shot. yay. 

 I really should have moved Kit so her face wouldn't be so shadowed.😬

 I'm thinking of making one of these, or one of her skating close-ups her profile pic. 


And by now my fingers were ice, (I wasn't wearing gloves) so I took them in and grabbed some gloves. But here are some more pics that I took!😃

 sooooo deep.

 sooooo sparkly.  

oooooh look at the sun rays in the corner!

And I took these the day before, it was snowing when I woke up, and it snowed heavily ALL day, it was awesome. I took these photos around lunchtime, when it was clearly sticking. But none of the snowflakes actually show up in any of my pictures, sadly.  

 Snow dusted pines ❄💙❄

Have an amazing day!
(hey look, my sign off matches. XD )
What was your favorite photo? Have you gotten any snow? 
Have you ever sacrificed warm fingers for photos? I love snow, but I am so 
ready for warmth and green again. What about you?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ruthie's mini skating shoot

This year, Ruthie wanted to go ice skating for her birthday. And since it coincided with Ivy's birthday skating, (surprise, surprise) I decided to oblige her. Kit came as well, and they also got to try on some 'lipstick' for a treat. (It's dry erase marker. 😉)

It was pretty empty, since it was a school day.

 Cute little birthday girl.💝

 So pretty. 💋



It wasn't too hard to get these pics, just carefully stand one up on the ice, fix anything the other doll needs fixing, pose her, pick up the first doll, fix and pose her, and then take your photos without getting on your knees, which was the most challenging bit. 😂 

I'll have a christmas haul post coming soon, followed by some more lego pics


Do you like ice skating? Are you any good? I can barely move 
without losing my balance, lol. When was the last time 
you took pictures in a new place?