Sunday, July 10, 2016

What we're doing

I started reading this book, and I really like it! thanks Emma for talking about it! Then, Hazel showed up!

These are our disney soft dolls, they are really old, 16", and fun to play with. :) I have Cinderella, Ivy has Belle, and Hazel has sleeping beauty. 

We like to dress them up, and escape from an evil prince.

And here is another amazing outfit that Hazel made her doll. 

I also tried a new hair style on her.

I basically made a little net with rainbow loops. :)

Mini Maryellen and mini Samantha met and switched clothes! 

And since we watched the force awakens with them, we (literally) started digging in my sewing ottoman for scraps, and put together some desert wear, and they are off to tatooine, or jakku. 


OH MY WORD! I just realized that I forgot to post the next part of the gems of power, so sorry! I will post it as soon as I type up all the words. Be patient! :(

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