Thursday, March 31, 2016

The doll house

Kit and Ruthie live in the space from the foot of my bed to my bedroom door. This is the living room/kitchen, it is at the foot of Ivy's bed.

The only thing the living has is a sofa, because I haven't found the right picture frame for a TV. And the kitchen needs a fridge and a counter. I had a cardboard table, but it broke, and my dad hasn't made me a wood one yet. Here are some close up's.

A lot of this food is from 
This is Kit's room. she lives along the wall, in between the door and my other dollhouse.

Ruthie's room is at the foot of my bed, because she has less things.

....and there is some storage behind her bed.

The school corner is on the other side of the door.

The "garage" is the bottom shelf of my book shelf.

Elizabeth has a bed and a box of clothes and accessories in Daisy's room, but it's always moving from corner to corner, so I didn't take a picture. I will be showing you how to make some of this stuff soon!

Meet Elizabeth

                                                                   This is Elizabeth

Elizabeth is Daisy's doll. Nobody knows who she used to be. My mom rescued her from a garage sale, got her a dress from ebay, and gave her to Daisy for her birthday, in 2013. ( Daisy is my little sister)
Age: 8
Favorite color(s): Pink
Favorite food(s): Hamburger and fries
Favorite desserts(s): Cake
Favorite movie(s): The American Girl movies
Scared of: Bears
Wish: A pet bunny
Siblings: This is Jenny, who is 4 years old, and Pippa, who is 2.

Pet(s): This is her horse, Misty...

....and her kittens. The white one is Sugar, and the brown one is Cinnamon

Favorite sport(s): Ridding and cheerleading (does that count as a sport? I don't know...)


Favorite thing to do: Play outside. Actually, they all enjoy playing outside, so here is a pic of them playing a chase game

And those are our dolls! (well, my mom has three but to are really old so the live on a self in her room) I hope you liked my pics! Oh, and when I took that last pic, it had been really windy all day, and when I had tried to pose them earlier, they kept getting knocked over by the wind, so I took the dolls out, prayed, and started setting them up and GUESS WHAT?! the wind dropped almost immediately! How cool is that! The Lord cares, The Lord cares.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Meet Ruthie

                                                                     This is Ruthie.

Ruthie is Ivy's doll. Ivy is my sister, she is a year younger than me. Ivy got Ruthie the same year I did, also from our grandparents.
Age: 12
Favorite color(s): Blue, green and pink
Favorite food(s): Pizza, steak and fruit
Favorite dessert(s): Ice cream and cake
Favorite movie(s): Star Wars
Scared of: Snakes
Wish: Lea's fruit stand
Siblings: This is Anne, who is 5 years old, and Leia, who is 6 months. 

 Pet(s): Here is Ruthie with her dog, Pepper, and her birds, Goldie and Golden

Favorite Sport(s): Soccer

Favorite thing to do: Draw and play. Here she is drawing


Meet Kit

                                                                        This is Kit.

She is my only American Girl doll, so she gets everything I craft for her! My grandparents gave her to me for Christmas 2010.
Age: 12
Favorite color(s): Purple and light blue
Favorite food(s): Pizza and Chick-Fil-A
Favorite dessert(s): Brownies and homemade pie
Favorite movie(s): Star Wars and any Disney princess
Scared of: Spiders
Wish: For her mama, (me) to stop knocking her things over in the dark
Siblings: This is Raggedy Ann, who is 6 years old, and Luke, who is 1 year old

 Pet(s): Grace, her dog

Favorite sport(s): Cheerleading, and watching baseball

Favorite things to do: Rollerblade, ride her scooter, and climb trees

Grace got tired 

More is coming soon!