Blogs I love

This page is basically just a list of the blogs I follow. :)

Ag doll awesome, the solstice children is so good! 

The story dolls
This is Hazel's blog.

American girl-ify
This is Tory's blog, she is another friend of mine. 

Clara and co
Very cute, with amazing stories!

Kaits ag crafts and it's companion, my life as the daughter of the true king

Buzz about ag and it's companion, Capturing and creating

Little house of american girlLittle miss fluffet, and Jaclynn Marie.

And her friends blog, Wack-a-doodle-dolls, and it's companion, Drawn to writing.

Happy house of ag and it's companion, kill joy
I don't know why, I just like it. :)

The girl upstairs, now will be posting on Charis rae

Delightful world of dolls and Madi Grace(lifestyle) and Madison Grace(writing) 
Madi's edits are great! and so are her photos. :) 

Doll days
I really good blog.

American girl fan
She's been blogging for a looooooooong time.

Faking it mostly
She has a lot of luck with goodwill!

Small dolls in a big world
This blog is amazing! Beautiful photos, and the guiding compass!!!!

American girl ideas
This is the first blog I found. My mom found a play list of a few of her videos on you tube, and the first ones on there were the hot lunch set, the grill, and the cold stone creamery. I was amazed, and asked my mom if I could check out this blog she kept mentioning. She said yes, so I did. I spent three days exploring the whole thing. (I've watched every single video) That lead me to kaits ag crafts, which lead me to more blogs, which lead me to more blogs! :)

Anakin and his Angel
This isn't a doll blog, but star wars! How can you not love it?!

Paper fury 
A funny book blogger. :) 


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  3. Thank you so much for adding mine, Olive! Your blog is lovely as well!

    1. why would I not? it's great!
      awww, thank you!
      most crazily, ~Olive

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