Sunday, August 28, 2016

Truly me release - my thoughts

Hi Girls! I forgot again. :P Any way, here we go!
DRG50_Gourmet_Kitchen_Set_1 (400×400)
Gourmet kitchen set - $225.00
CAN I DIE NOW?? THIS IS JUST SO AWESOME!!!!! This is worth the price, I so want it! :O

Truly me #65 - $115.00
Ehh. She's alright.


Truly me #66 - $115.00
She's basically a modern Josefina.
DNJ93_Table_and_Chairs_1 (170×170)

Dinning table & chairs - $85.00
It's cute, but they could have made it cheaper. I like that it comes with forks. :)
DRG55_Salon_Chair_Wrap_Set_1 (170×170)
Salon chair and wrap set - $60.00
Too expensive for a plastic looking chair and a few other things. 
DRG57_Truly_Blue_Hairstyling_Caddy_1 (400×400)

Truly blue hairstyling caddy - $50.00
This looks just like the old one, except it doesn't have nail polish and it has a hair dryer and curling iron. And a bit expensive. 
DRG44_Sparkle_and_Spin_Skating_Outfit_1 (400×400)

Sparkle and spin skating outfit - $38.00
Like so many other pieces, cute, but to expensive.

DRG45_Enchanting_Winter_Outfit_Dolls_1 (170×170)
Enchanting winter outfit - $36.00
awww, so cute and fuzzy! (small pics, grrrrr)

DRG46_Merry_Magenta_Outfit_Dolls_1 (400×400)
Merry magenta outfit - $36.00
Pink lace. I like it! Not a fan of the big jewels on the purse and shoes though.

DRG47_Gold_Sparkle_Outfit_Dolls_1 (170×170)
Golden sparkle outfit - $36.00
I LOVE IT!!!!! 
887961490350.jpg (222×222)
Christmas eve set - $32.00
Ok, can I buy the little hardcover book and not the rest of the set? Because I am in love with little doll books.
DRG51_Waffle_Breakfast_Set_1 (400×400) 
Waffle breakfast set - $24
awww, so cute! And actually affordable! ;)
DRG52_Lasagne_Dinner_Set_1 (400×400)Lasagna dinner set - $24.00
I LOVE lasagna, but this lasagna doesn't look very appetizing. I love the olive oil though! 

DRG53_Blender_Milkshake_Set_1 (400×400)Blender and milkshake set - $24.00
aaaauuuuggghhhhh!!!!!! TO ADORABLE!!! I WANT IT!!! SO BAD!!! XD
DRG54_WilliamsSonoma_Cupcake_Set_1 (400×400)
Williams-Sonoma cupcake set for dolls. $24.00
aww, it's cute. :)

DRG48_Holiday_Penguin_PJs_Dolls_1 (170×170)

Holiday penguin pj's - $24.00 
Cute, but the colors seem weirdly mixed. o_0
DRG56_Hair_Salon_Scene_1 (170×170)
Hair salon scene - $15.00
How cool is this?! Ok, you girls need to go to the american girl website and see this bigger, it's SO COOL.

Now, I'm pretty sure I didn't get it all, so go see that if you want to. :) I will be doing the wellie wishers and beforever tomorrow.

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