Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Hello girls! 
My birthday is sometime next week, (won't tell you when!) and I get to read Harry potter and the half-blood prince so yaaaaaay! And so I'm re-reading the rest of the series. :) And writing stories, and wishing the weather would either cool down or heat up, just make up your mind already. I also had a dream a few nights ago that I met Jaclynn and Emma, and I was really disappointed when I woke up and it was just a dream. 😛
Loren, I used all three prompts, and placed them where I used them. 
I'm also continuing from the third story.


It was my 13th birthday.
I was sitting at the dinning room table, smiling, my family gathered around. I was looking at my birthday cake, a beautiful, light lavender with pick icing spelling out 'you're so pretty' 
After everyone had admired it, my mom stuck the candles in and lit them, and they began to sing. "Happy birthday to you" My little sisters wobbly high voice rose above theirs, and My grin grew wider. I loved my family. I loved my cake. I loved my sister. 

I sat up and yawned, shaking my head to clear it. I looked around the blank cell, which wasn't that bad for a jail. Just incredibly boring. White floor. White ceiling. White bed with white sheets. White door. Locked. It had a small window that looked into a white hall. White walls. Well, not all of them. On one side of the room, was a small white table with a paint set. Whoever had stayed here before had started painting planets on the wall, against a black back round. I got up, twisting my hair into a messy bun, and walked over, picking up the paintbrush. I wasn't skilled enough to finish the planets, but I could fill in the in between parts.
I dipped the brush in the black paint and started touching up where the paint had been spread too thin. It wasn't the most interesting thing to do, but it wasn't boring either. It was so quiet I could practically hear my heart beating. I was about to start humming, anything to interrupt this quiet, when I heard the faint muffled sound of footsteps. I put down the brush and hurried over to the door, peering out of the small window. The footsteps came closer, and then they came into view. The tall pale man, who had locked me up here, followed by two other men, who were keeping a tight hold on someone very small. She lifted her head and I gasped. It was Catherine, my sister! She looked thinner, her hair was matted, and she never spoke, never made a sound, but the look in her eyes told me exactly what was about to happen. 
writing prompt
I've used this prompt before. 😆
Her eyes had that small sparkle in them, that she always gets whenever she's going to cause some trouble. "No," I whispered, more to myself, since she couldn't hear me. "no, Cathy, it's not gonna work! You're to small!" She gave me a glance, and even a bit of a smile, before she went into action. She turned her head and bit the arm holding her on the left, while she kicked the rights man's shins. I heard yells and thumps, but I was gone. I had broken one of the legs off the small table when I had first arrived, but I had not done anything with it. If I broke the window on the door, it was too small to climb out of, and it wouldn't matter that I could reach the knob from the outside, since I didn't have a key or a way to pick the lock. So I had just propped the leg back under the table and waited. I yanked the leg out from under the table and the paints went flying, spattering the room with color, though I didn't stop to look. I ran back over to the door and swung hard at the window. It cracked, and with the next swing it shattered. I was surprised that they still hadn't managed to get Cathy under control, but then, maybe it wasn't so surprising. I reached through the window and whacked the tall thin man on the head with me new weapon. He went down, it was quite satisfying. The other two were harder. I whacked them whenever they came close enough, and Cathy kept kicking and hitting. they finally went down, or at least surrendered. They gave me Cathy the key to my cell, and she unlocked it. Then we locked them in it, and I gave Cathy a hug, while she smiled and chattered about how she knew I was going to find her, and she had nothing eat but mac n cheese and oatmeal for dayyyys, and the books were boring, and they kept asking her where the fairies were, but she wouldn't tell them, and- Wait, fairies? But I shook it out of my mind. We needed to get out. "Come on Cathy," I told her. "Let's go home." I took her hand, and we walked off. We hadn't noticed that the tall thin man had vanished.


Ok, I think it needs another part. 😆

Have a beautiful day! 

What do you think of this story? Is it weird? I think it should 
have another part, what do you think? Do you ever
dream about meeting other bloggers?

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Hey everybody! 🙋

Loren, I used all three prompts, and placed them where I used them.


There it was, the house from my dream. I trudged up to it, a little wary, but not too concerned. I had been dreaming about it for the past few days, and if my dreams were to be trusted, I could find what I needed here.
What I needed was my sister. 
I remembered how she used to cling to my hand and look at me so trustingly, with echos my mother's voice saying "You're her big sister. She's going to look up to you."
But now she was gone, leaving only a feather that looked like it came from a fairy tale.
That's when I started to dream.
I shook off the memories and went up the stairs.
I stepped in the door and looked around. Everything was just like in my dreams, and I knew where to go. As I turned and started walking out of the room, I noticed something out of place from the corner of my eye.
Something was written on one of the bricks creating the white fireplace.

Blasphemy // Bring Me The Horizon
ASK NO QUESTIONS AND YOU'LL GET NO LIES it claimed. I shivered. That hadn't been in any of my dreams, I wondered why.
I shook it off and turned into the main bedroom and scanned the shelves that lined the room. They were full of large, old books, but I was looking for one in particular. I spotted it at the end of a shelf. It was a smaller book, and I had dreamed this part many times over. I pulled it out, this was where I would get my answers, what happened to my sister, how to get her back, and where the feather came from. I placed it on the bed and opened it. 
Oh no.

The pages where burnt, and what wasn't burnt was water stained to be unreadable. No no no, this couldn't be true! I was supposed to get my answers, but my dream had been wrong, and- 
What was that?
I turned around, and saw a tall, thin man standing in the doorway. "Now, now, now," He said. "I did try to warn you. But now I'm afraid, you shall meet the same fate as your sister." I was startled. "You've seen my sister?" I asked. This guy was creepy, but maybe I could figure out how to get to her. He just smiled evilly. "tut, tut, tut." He said. "Ask no questions, and you'll get no lies." I heard footsteps behind me, and everything went black.


Don't worry, I'll continue it. 😉
I really had no idea where I was going with this story, so it was kind of fun! Like, funner than normal. 😂 
I've got some more photos to drown you with, but not many are about dolls. hmm. I should take one on a photo shoot. Oh! I've also (finally) got a craft I should post. And I feel like I should do another dollhouse tour, what do you think?
What did you think of my story? Do you want it to be continued? 
Should I do another dollhouse tour? We've been having a cool 
mini streak, what's your weather like?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

weekend trip part 2

Yeah, so Oma goes to Russia, and buys all of us matryoshka dolls! All seven of us, plus one for my mom, some metal soldiers for the boys, Thorin and Wakko, in case they weren't to interested in nesting dolls, and a mug and hat for my dad. 
Oma is so awesome.
That was a rather abrupt greeting.
I got an awesome-but-will-probably-end-looking-terrible plan for my siblings Christmas gifts. Yes, it's August, and yes, Christmas isn't in forever, but when you have 6 curious siblings you have to start early because 1, there is SIX of them, and 2, your time without them is limited.
To the post.
I got a beautiful girl, purple and red, and scroll down to see how small she gets. 

Look at that! That biggest one is a little more than 8", and the smallest is like a 1/4". It's crazy! (I also added a bit of color to the two smallest when I got home.)

Another picture of the morning. 🌅
We went out on the beach, and it was looking stormy, and the other kids just wanted to make sand castles, and I didn't, and I also needed a bit of introvert recharge, since my recharge time is either gone or shortened on vacation. So remember this?
See the thing that the jet skis are one? Well, I waded out there and sat on the far end, with my feet danging in the water. I looked out towards the bridge, or up at the sky, relaxed, kicked my feet in the water and talked to myself. Not loudly, just softly talked to myself, about whatever came to my mind. I was thinking talking about legos when I realized that Thorin was sneaking up on me, with Ivy behind, hoping to eavesdrop. Hopeless, Throin, Hopeless. You should have tried to get Ivy to do it, she would have gotten farther. Needless to say, I whirled around and chased to two of them across the beach, Ivy first. Since she's faster, I need to do it when I have the wind, then when I'm tired and satisfied, I chase down Thorin, who's easier to catch. We had a quick argument about what counts as weird, and I went back to my spot, splashing and talking to myself. It's become my new favorite place. 🙂

look at that strip of blue!

We were going home, and got ice cream. 🍦I also wrote some of a book I'm plotting, and its longer than I expected. But I stopped because I was trying to figure out everyone's name, and my siblings were reading over my shoulder and making fun. So I elbowed them. With 'the elbows of doom!' as Ivy and Thorin have named them. 😏

We got home, and I spotted a lovely cloud over the next door neighbors house.

And the crepe myrtle was blooming, so I tried to get some pictures. 

I love crepe myrtles. ❤

Have a wonderful day! 
Does that matryoshka get ridiculous tiny or what? Do you mind vacation 
posts? I hope not, because I got another one. 
Do your siblings drive you nuts?
 Do you like crepe myrtles? 

Monday, August 7, 2017


You know, there might be only cwwc posts for a while. 😆 They're so close together! Good thing I enjoy them. 😛 (And you better learn to! 😜)
All that said, here is story number two!
Loren, I used all three prompts, and placed them where I use them.


I looked out the window of my new room and sighed. I couldn't believe that we'd actually moved! And I couldn't decide whether I was happy about that or not. I was away from my friends, but still within visiting distance, so that was good. The houses were very close together, but that made cool little passages to explore, right? The houses were also kind of beat up, including ours, but they were very fancy, and would make interesting photography subjects. It was grey, and the trees were bare, but it was winter. Things would brighten up in the spring. 
I sat down in a chair ad glanced around my room. I should unpack, but first I wanted to check for secret passages. There should at least be one, there always was in books. I leaned against the back of the chair and closed my eyes. I was tired, and-
I opened my eyes with a start. Had I fallen asleep? I wasn't sure. It didn't look any different outside, but that didn't mean anything. Something felt different, but I wasn't sure what. Oh well, I thought. I decided to go explore outside. I went past my parents, who were busy in the kitchen. I didn't have any siblings, so I slipped out without being seen. I wanted to be alone for a bit. I stepped onto our little yard and looked around. I spotted a cat, staring at me from across the street. I smiled, I had always liked cats, but my parents wouldn't get me one. This cat was a beautiful chalky gray. It turned around and walked into the space between two of the houses. I hesitated, and looked around. There were no cars, and no lights, and no people to be seen. So, nobody must be home. For like, most of the street. Weird. I followed the cat. The ally was narrow, and dark. I couldn't see the cat anywhere, and I didn't want to get lost looking for it. I was about to turn around when I noticed a glow. So I kept walking, and I found a window. A window? On this side? The light was on, so someone was home after all. I couldn't help but peek in. The first thing I noticed were the chains. Stretching across the hard wood floor, lying in loops and piled up in piles. They were attached to an ankle, and the ankle was attached to the rest of a boy.  
He was skinny, and wearing shorts and a T-shirt. His brown hair was messy, and he had bruises on his arms, and a red slap mark on his cheek. He turned towards me, and his eyes were wild. Hurt. Broken. I wanted to duck down but I couldn't, I was frozen, standing there. I shouldn't have been able to hear him very well through the glass, but he spoke clear as day. "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."
I was confused, and still frozen. I could suddenly turn, and images flashed in the air in front of me. Four kids, beat up, running. Screams, as three were taken away. One came here. This one. I turned in the other direction and ran back towards home. I ran into the house and slammed the door behind me. My mother walked into the room, drying a dish with a towel.  "Not all prisons are physical. Some carry with you wherever you go." She said. Then the walls blew up, dropping the second story down upon us.
I woke up for good when I fell out of my chair. I had started awake, sure that the house was collapsing, and had a brief view of the room falling sideways...then I hit the floor and realized it was me. I sat up, rubbing my head. Had it really been a dream? I wasn't sure If I was relieved or disappointed. I'd have to find out. Carefully. I heard my mother calling me. I went downstairs, and jumped. My mother was at the door, talking to a woman holding something wrapped in tinfoil, banana bread, from the smell of it. At her side stood a skinny boy, the one I'd seen in my dream. He had no bruises on his arms, no slap mark on his face, no chains. His hair wasn't that messy. But his face was quiet, reserved. Like he was hiding. I thought about what my mother had said in my dream, it wasn't the first time she had said it. She had said it before, when I was awake. My mother introduced me to them, and I smiled and said hello. The boy didn't quite smile back. The woman gave my mother the banana bread, and after they left, I asked my mom who they were. "Weren't you paying attention?" She asked, giving me a funny look. "No, I suppose you weren't. That's our new neighbor and her son, well, not technically. He's a foster care, but her and her husband plan on adopting him." Hmm. That kind of explained it. If the rest of my dream was true, he probably had siblings, but they got split up. Poor kid. I glanced out the window and saw a chalky gray cat sitting on the porch of the house that the boy had just entered. "You should get to know him," my mother suggested. "Make your first friend here." Yes, I thought. That's a very good idea. 


I'm not sure if I like this ending, but it was the best I could come up with. 😐
I also like the dream, but not a dream thing. 😛

What do you think of my story? Did you notice how nobody in it has names? 
Am I the only one who thinks the houses in the first prompt look cool? 
Do you have so many siblings that you need to start prepping for
 their Christmas presents early? like, way early? 😆

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Hey girls!
I'm participating in cwwc this year, hosted by Loren, and I'm on team half-blood! 
Loren, I used all three prompts, and I will be placing them where I use them, since I like to do that. 😛


"Thank you number twenty-three, you may leave now."
The girl in front of my desk nodded and stood up to leave. I waited until she had shut the door behind her before I released the sigh that had welled up. Being governess of the whole orphanage had its pros, but this was one of the cons. I now had to sentence that sweet girl to a punishment, just because she didn't know how things worked here. But I had to, as the government required 'all students to be dutifully mindful and hard workers' as well as 'no frivolities of any sort' which is what she had gotten in trouble for. Ah well, how about kitchen duty. Grueling, but she is too small for any of the other jobs, she could get killed. I wrote out the order, sentencing her to a week of kitchen duty. If she was smart, she'd take it without complaint. If she was lucky, someone would inform her that she'd got the easy job. I rang for my maid and had it delivered, as well as an order not to be disturbed for an hour. After she left, I opened a drawer, and pulled out a black notebook and a pen. The pen slipped out of my fingers, and I swiveled to pick it up, still looking at the notebook.
It was rather sloppy, I had handmade it years ago, and kept adding pages. On the front I had written: THINGS I WANTED To SAY BuT NEVER DID 
I tucked it under my arm and picked up the pen. I wanted to go out.
I took the bus first, I would walk the rest of the way.  

The bus was dark and dirty, and I sat in a corner by myself, not uncommon. I got off at an abandoned subway station, I knew where to go.

Five minutes later, I was walking into a garden. A secret garden, like in a book I had read as a child long ago. I could barely remember that book. It was an illegal book, and my mother had freaked when she found out. But now they were gone, I was grown, and I had found a garden. As far as I knew, there were no gardens left in the world, except for the leaders. The 'leaders'. I could rant for hours about there tyranny, but I came here to relax.  

I sit at the base of a statue, flowers are growing at her base, and in bushes in a half circle around her. I open my book, and I write a letter to #23, I wish I knew her real name. I tell her that, as well as explain things that must be on her mind now, I tell her things that I can't say, that I want to say. This letter will never leave my book, It will stay with many others like it, but writing it makes me feel better. 
Soon I will have to go back to my office at the orphanage, a cold, strict building with a cold, strict governess. Me. I will have to go back to being a cold strict woman again, a harsh servant of the leaders. But for now I write.
Things I wanted to say, but never did.


What do you think? I might continue it, or prequel it, but it's also good on its own. It's kind of supposed to be a dystopian story, it would be fun to elaborate it. 🙂
What do you think of my story? Was it good? Was it terrible? 
Should I continue it? Have you done cwwc before? I'm a newbie. 😛
Important question time: m&m's or skittles? 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

weekend trip part 1

We went on a weekend trip to Oma's about a week ago, and I took a lot of photos...but not any of the ones I had planned on taking. I had planned on taking Kit down to the sand and taking a photo shoot of her in her new tail, but that didn't happen. So, here are some pictures and some of my thoughts on the trip. 🙂

I had managed to claim the spare bed, (no floor for me) and I woke up very early, (habits, people, habits) and Kit was staring out the window watching the sun.
It was quite picturesque.

At 7 am I tip-toed down stairs to the kitchen, and a little later I took these photos.
I think it was later because I don't think the sun was quite that high at 7 am.

Then Kit discovered the flowers and lost interest in the view. (at least for a bit)


hmm. I was hoping this would turn out better.

Oma has these splendid lace curtains, they make excellent wedding veils. 

Kit ran off, and this little guy had ventured out and found his way down here. I didn't notice until he started using the force to open the door. 😛
How'd he lose him arm again? you might ask, if you even noticed that it was missing, and that he was supposed to lose it in attack of the clones. Well, it was my birthday, I don't remember which one, I had just gotten him out of the packaging and he was being passed from sibling to sibling, because if you've got multiple siblings, you know what I'm talking about. So he got handed to Wakko, and quicker than a blink, his arm came off and skittered under the tv cupboard. We never found it. 😐

I like this picture. He looks thoughtful. 🙂 
(but don't tell him that, he might get mad😜)

He looks rather critical in this photo. 😄

Then I got distracted by some ducks.
Also a call for a light breakfast. 
I got cocoa puffs. Hence the following conversation.
Are these all for me?
But I'm starving!
No, you're not. But you can have a bite.
A bite?!?
One of MY sized bites. 
That's much better. 

I liked this photo so much I posted it on instagram. 📷😛

So that was the first half, and sometime following will be the second. I'm also going on another weekend trip, and later this month is mine and Kit's birthdays. You won't get a Kit party post though, because we're going somewhere like, the day after my birthday. (#rude) But if I don't melt from the heat, (why are we going south? why? WHY?) I should have fun. And Kit will explain everything we did in a post when we get back. 🙂
But until then, 

Do you like lots of weekend vacations, or a few long ones?
Don't those lace curtains look fun? Do you like purple flowers?
Have you ever taken pictures of action figures? 
And most importantly:
Do you like cocoa puffs? O.O