Sunday, February 26, 2017

The writer's prompt challenge (TWPC)

(Image not mine)

Hey everyone! This sounded so fun I just had to do it. 😋 buuuuuuuuuuuut, I couldn't figure out how to make it short enough. Then I realized that instead of telling a story, write one scene with memories! :D
 aaaaaaaand I was too late. Oh well. 😞 Just for fun then! 

The item prompts will be highlighted yellow.
The picture prompt will be placed were I use it.
The sentence prompt will be highlighted green.
The character prompts will be highlighted pink.
The fact prompt (I used the second one) will be highlighted light blue.
My story is 177 words long.


Raynee sat in her room, listening. Lightning flashed, revealing long, wavy, caramel hair and sharp grey eyes full of tears. She was listening to a CD she had stepped on outside an hour ago.
Picture Prompt:
Her brother had left it before he left, apparently to explain things. 
“I’m sorry I lied. But they made me.” 
As she heard her brothers voice, she imagined him standing there, tall, curly brown hair and aqua eyes. He was explaining the reasons behind his actions, but she was too devastated to listen properly. He had helped the scary people with the swords for months, in secret, and now they had two unicorns and her brother. She had always thought her brother was the good guy, but now he was really the bad guy. Raynee made a decision. She was going to fix it. She knew it deep down, but she was scared. So scared. She took a deep breath as the CD ended. "I'm going to find you Andrew. And I swear that you will help me fix this mess you've made." 


hmmmmmm. Now it feels like it's too short.

Well, have an awesome day! Don't get sick!

(flu season, so, you know, be careful. 😜 )

bla blah bla blah....

Who's excited for star was, I am! :D

toodle-y woodle-y toodles!  😜                          

I'm so crazy!! 

Clara knows how fun this is, I keep forgetting to check her posts for them. XD

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mini shoots 2

Hellooo everyone! This is a scheduled post, so it should post on time, if not, sorry. 😕 

There was a small patch that was green, and looked a little muddy, so I put Camille there, of course. 😛

Those adorable little boots!

And Ruthie. 🙂

And Josie was last.


So cute! By the time this is posted, I'll be at Hazel's, probably cooking up some evilly fun plot. 😛

Blog you soon, bye!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's day!

Hey girls! 
I hope you've had a happy Valentine's day- we had a sugar rush.😜
We had a small feast of baked deliciousness, but I forgot to take pictures. Oh well. So instead I took a few pics of the decor, and the dollies having a small party.

I love how the first one came out.😊

The dolls had a little party on the hutch, where they always have their downstairs parties. 

(By the time I got to this one, She'd grabbed a spoon. 😛)

We had a table of treats, set on a chocolate box, set on another box. Camille hadn't changed from the last party

 She looks quite hungry. 😊

 Kirsten and Josefina joined us, because we had two more outfits to spare.

But look....

I fixed her up a bit.🙂 I did the same to Samantha. But I still need a straitening iron and replacement string....anyone know what string would be good for that?
Au revoir!  

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Elizabeth's birthday

Hello peoples! 😜
Another birthday post is here, this time for Elizabeth. 🙂

T'was Elizabeth's birthday, and they were celebrating with a picnic party. They were lucky, and it fell on a winter break, which is a few days of 60-70 degree weather in between several weeks of cold. 
Anyway, they were just relaxing,

Playing with the pets, 

And chatting,

The cats were quite demand-y.  

hmmm....what could be going on?

Then the dogs succeeded in pushing Elizabeth over. Elizabeth laughed, and Ruthie yelped. 
What the-?!
*giggle* this is so fun!
No it's not!

Can we do presents now?
Ok, go on puppies! shoo!
They settled down, Elizabeth reached for a package.

She started to unwrap the smallest box, and..... 
....I accidentally deleted the picture. 
A pink watch! I love it! 
She put it on. 
It even matches!
...not really... 

After she admired it, she took the next one. 

Everybody ooohed. 

It's so pretty!
Like a princess dress!
It's matches the party!
It's so cute! Look at the lace!
I love it! Thank you!  

Here, you can hold it but be careful.

She pulled up the biggest present....

Pulled of the paper....

And opened the box....
Ooooh! The clothes I wanted!

Hiking boots, a t-shirt, pants, and a headband! now I can go in the woods! 
So cool!
You'll get to see the creek? wow!

After Elizabeth put on her new party dress, and rescued the headband from those dogs, (did you notice?) I took a picture of them in their birthday finery. 🙂
All pink, except for Kit. 😋 

Then I couldn't resist. 🙂 
I can't wait until the woods get green! 

But until then, 

I also have a question, when I make photo stories, would you rather have it all written in black, or when they talk have it in their colors? Please tell! 😃  
Toodles! 😛