Thursday, August 25, 2016

Doll composition notebooks

Hi! uhg, I beel tho biderable. I ave a thtuffy node. A varwy thtuffy node. But I won't make you read the whole post like that. ;P So how'ya doing? Hazel posted the third part to the road to salin, and I decided to start on my back to school stuff, (I have LOTS of ideas,) even though I am embracing the cool mornings, I am refusing to start fall. XD Any way, one of my ideas was composition notebooks! So here you are!

You will need:
1. Old used up composition notebooks
2. Paper and lined paper
3. Black tape or paper
4. Glue, pencil, pen, scissors, and a ruler

Step 1.  Cut two rectangles out of the composition cover, 2 1/4" by 3". Round the corners of only one side, I messed up.

Step 2. Cut out a tiny little paper rectangle, 1 1/4" by 1", and use the pencil to draw on the design.

When it looks how you want, trace it in pen.

Step 3. Now glue it on off center, to leave room for the spine.

Step 4. Cut your pages out of lined paper, making them slightly smaller than the covers. I have around 25, but you should probably have 30. 

Step 5. Glue the pages together by adding a stripe of glue stick to the back line of the front of every page so they are like a mini book already. Hopefully that made sense. ;)

Step 6. Now use hot glue to glue the pages to the covers.

Step 7. Now add black tape, or glue on a strip of paper.
You are done! 
And American girl released Melody today! So go ahead and check that out!