Saturday, April 30, 2016

Doll size backpack find

When we were at the cliff dwellings I found the perfect sized doll backpack! I wasn't sure if i should buy it, but I couldn't resist. ;) 

This is the front. It is called a gogear belt pack, you can find it on amazon to. 

The tag.

The back. I am going to add straps made out of black duck tape and a shoelace.

It has a little carabiner on the top, I am going to take that off...

...and there is room for a bedroll on top.

You can put things in the pocket on the front.

There is stretchy cords on the sides, maybe for a water bottle? But there is no bottom so it
might fall out. 

There is a double zipper, very good quality.

Lots of room inside, I like that.

There is a weird clip thing inside, I don't  know what its for.

There is another mesh pocket in side to.

And there you go! I think its pretty cool, what do you think? Will you buy one on amazon?

We got a lego set with Rey, her speeder, and a thug. I built it, and we were playing with it, then I left for something, and Ivy and my brother gave Rey her buzz saw and did this:

They always do that! with whatever they are playing with! Crazy, crazy.                                            

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The fourth stop - part 2 the plaza and Loretto chapel

Ok, sorry, but in this post Kit doesn't show up at all, because we got back from the cliff dwellings late, and had to hurry before everything closed.

I liked that the buildings looked like adobe.

This is the plaza.

You could see the chapel from there.  

A pretty park bench. 

I think pigeons are cute.

The chapel, closer up.

These are so pretty! I wanted to take Kit's picture by them, but there wasn't enough time.

Inside, they had a model, with a little nun doll.

But inside was amazing! Here is the staircase.

This is the front.

A statue.

They had little things on the walls that told the story of Jesus's death.










And....then my phone died. :P there were more, up to when they took him down.                                                                                                          

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The third stop, part 1 - the cliff dwellings of Bandelier

Hello! Kit here, mama said I could do this post, I'm so excited! 
First we drove along a road that was sooooo high, and the wall didn't reach mama's knees! it was scary. 
Mama found a tree in bloom.

Then we saw something that they did ceremonies in.

Here's a bigger picture.

I wanted to climb down and dance, but mama said that she wasn't allowed to go in there, so she wouldn't be able to pull me out. So I settled with dancing on the edge.

Then we saw the ruins of buildings.

And this is the whole village. 

A cool pic of the cliff.

I like this picture, but mama says she could have done better.

This rock looks really funny.

I liked siting on it.

There were a lot of little roads in the rocks.

I found my own cave to live in!

These are some really funky ones!

There was a carved one!

A quiet little corner. 

Here is the door to a house.

I climbed up the ladder...

And I found a shelf for my room!

I like this picture, and so does mama, I think it looks professional. 

The roof was all black, and mama lifted me up so I could touch it, it made my fingers black, but mama wiped it off.

Mama likes this picture.

There was a lot of cacti, I didn't like it, it was to big.

Eeeeeek! that is even bigger! I'm gone!

Paint left on the rock.

There were a few little creeks, mama is crazy about taking pictures of water.

A few bonuses:

                                                                 So long for now!