Sunday, July 31, 2016

Doll dining-part 9-lunch & dinner- fruit and veggie plate

Hey girls! The next craft subject is my favorite: dessert! But first we have one more thing. :)
...which I will not get to yet, because of a few more things I have to say. XD Tory has made her first post, you can see HERE, (Sorry, for some reason the link will take you to the bottom of the post, so you will have to scroll all the way up. :/ ) and I found out that my lightsaber would be green. (That was random.) Also, I am very excited for August, because of my birthday! Any way, on to the craft!

You will need:
1. Craft foam
2. Small lids
3. Puffy paint
4. Markers, paint, or small stickers
5. Mini purple or/and green pom poms 
.....and scissors.

So, we're making fruit and veggie dishes for your dolls to select some to put on their plate, and technically the fruit could be available for breakfast too. ;)

This is the veggie plate. Cut strips of light green and orange craft foam for celery and carrots, white puffy paint in a small lid for ranch, and the stickers on green craft foam for the cucumbers, or, if you could not find stickers the right size, you can use paint or markers on white craft foam, like what Bennettv did.

And the same for the fruit. The pom poms would be grapes, and you would use light pink puffy paint for the dip. I don't have those though, so all I have is the sticker fruit. XP

And I guess that's about it. So subscribe to my blog by email, and give Hazel's mom a big hug for telling me how to put that on on there! Now shoo until next time, when we will make some desserts!

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