Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Doll dinning-part 7-lunch & dinner- tacos

Yeah, tacos on tuesday, please don't Xp (That is, if you even know what I'm talking about.)
Aaaannnyway, it's about time for some more food. :)

You will need:
1. Tan, yellowish brown card stock, construction paper, or scrapbook paper.
2. Micro styrofoam balls
3. Brown paint and mod podge
4. Green tissue paper
5. Yellow and white craft foam
6. Hot glue, scissors, and wax or parchment paper 

Step 1. Make a fold in your paper and eyeball the size to cut your taco shell, you can use a dolls hand for size if you want.

Now you should have a taco shell.

Step 2. Put some of the micro styrofoam balls in something smallish and disposable.

Step 3. Squirt some brown paint and mod podge or glue in it and.....

....stir it all up with a popsicle stick or a paint brush handle, just you will have to wash the paint brush.

Step 4. Scoop it out and put it in doll bite sized clumps on the wax paper. It will be sticky.

Step 5. When the meat has dried, peel it off, and cut some thin strips of green tissue paper for lettuce, and shreds of yellow and white craft foam for cheese, (don't use orange like I did, it looks like shreds of carrot!) and you have every thing to put together. 

Step 6. Now glue everything into the shell, and you have your taco!

Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to write it down in your menu!