Friday, July 29, 2016

Doll dinning-part 8-lunch & dinner- spaghetti with meat balls

Hi! First off, if you haven't been checking Hazel's blog, shame on you! She has posted a photoshoot and the second part for on the road to salin. I also found the link for Tory's blog, (click HERE,) but she hasn't posted anything yet. And go check out my blogs I love page, I added a few more. :) 

You will need:
1. Pasta colored yarn, like a yellowish cream.
2. Red puffy paint (you can make your own HERE.)
3. Dark brown craft foam
4. A doll bowl or plate for size, a hole punch and tooth pick

Step 1. Fill your doll bowl with a long strand of yarn, mine is not the right color. Or you can put the yarn on the doll plate. Now put a big dollop of red puffy paint on the yarn to be sauce. 

Step 2. Use your hole punch to punch out some circles, you don't need to many.

Step 3. Now use the tooth pick to completely mutilate it.

Step 4. Now poke them into the puffy paint, so it looks like the tops of meat balls are poking out. Or you could make meat balls out of clay, so they could be not so sunk down. 
Now your dolls have delicious spaghetti! yum! 
Oh, and you should be able to take the spaghetti off the dish, just be careful not to let the puffy paint drip down onto the dish.

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