Friday, July 8, 2016

My fandoms, part 1 (besides AG ;) )

I know, this isn't a doll post, but I wanted to show you them just because. And I added Kit in there for fun :) And these are in no order, because I can't possibly choose which one is my favorite.

Percy Jackson 
Squeeeeeeeee! The best! I was introduced to it one sunday morning when I was sick. I was left home with Grammy while my family went to church. My mom gave me the lightning thief and said I might enjoy it. I was laughing my head off all morning. That lead me to read the rest of the series, except for the last one, which my mom read aloud after she read the other ones aloud to Ivy and Thorin. 

A better look. The lightning thief, (1) and the battle of the labyrinth (4) are my favorite. :)
I have also read the lost hero and the son of neptune, but they aren't as good.  

And my mom has the whole rest of the series, (in hard cover!) just sitting there on the shelf, and I can't read them! aaaaauuuuuuggggghhhhh!

Oh, and do you like my T-shirt? I got it HERE on amazon. 

The Hunger games
My mom got them at a used book sale, and mom said it was harsh, but I could read the first book. It was so harsh, I couldn't put it down. I took it to church with me that night and was reading it before it started. One of mom's friends came by and was like, 'I love that series! Are you liking it?' And I said no, because I was at one of the parts where Rue was there, (waaaaa! Rue!) and I knew she was going to die because she was in the games. :( I knew Peeta was going to live because I heard my mom and dad talking about it. :) It took me three days of wandering around looking like I'd seen a ghost before the scariness wore off and I was like, 'I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!' But mom won't let me read the other books if that was how I reacted to the first one, because the mutated wolves was what scared me the most, besides the fact that a bunch of teens where running around killing each other. And mom said there are a lot more monsters like that in the next books.   
 (Isn't Kit cuuute?)
(I made the dollie sized books HERE.)
I also have  necklace that I found at goodwill, honestly, I wore it to camp and forty people randomly walked up and said that they LOVED my necklace. 

Star wars
AMAAAZINGGGG!!!!! I love the originals. :) We have the prequels, but I don't like them very much. We don't have the force awakens either, we watched it on kodi. (I did not spell that right....) kodi is something my dad's friend told him about, it basically lets you watch movies that are in the theaters for free, and in your own home, so you can pause to use the bathroom, (that happens a lot in my house) and you don't have to worry about people on their phones or talking. You can't bonk a stranger on the head when they won't stop talking.

We also have a TON of action figures, I have two, Ivy has three, and I don't know how many Thorin has. (There are a lot more not in this picture)

The Avengers/The age of Ultron 
We have the Avengers, we watched the age of Ultron on kodi, and they are both so amazing! I would LOVE to talk about the age of Ultron, but this post is already very long!

Who doesn't like Caption America? He is so cool! (Ivy wants to marry him...)

Iron man. meh. He is very cocky, and annoying, but his tech is very helpful, which makes it even more annoying. And he will do any thing to get the job done, even if it's not the right thing to do. That's why he and Cap clash so much, because Cap always (or tries,) to do what is the right thing to do.  

Thor is so cool! With that hammer?! eeeeee! *dies* (And I want to marry him...) 

Nick Fury. Nothing really to say about him, but I wish they put Loki on there, because although Nick shows up a LOT, Loki is slightly more important. 

Here's a pic of Loki. (Credit to whoever owns this picture) I think he looks kind of weird, but exactly how Loki would look. He also acts really weird, but that could just be my imagination.
(He looks a little better with his helmet on.) 
tumblr_inline_o6ec7dnw3F1u5hohy_500.gif (499×242)

Hulk. He kinda scares me.

Hawkeye. I think he is pretty cool, how good he is with that bow? Awesome! (And Daisy wants to marry him...)

 Here is the video for one of the most awesome parts ever! The action starts around two minutes in, but watch the whole thing. :)

This is getting long, so the next part will come later. And Hazel is coming today, so there will either be nothing or short posts with crazy pics in them. :)


  1. oh my gosh we are a lot a like.:) i absolutley LOVE percy jackson lol i have that shirt!! I LOVE star wars too infact my whole family are star wars nerds.;) I LOVE marvel too. never tried hunger games. Have you read Harry Potter??? I LOVE them..... what about 39 clues? AMAZING series.

    1. cool! :)
      yes, i have read harry potter, it's fun, but it's not as cool as other things ;)
      and I haven't tried 39 clues yet.....

  2. yeah harry potter isnt as exciting as the others!!:) You should read 39 clues its sorta like hunger games (my siblings have read hunger games so ive heard bits and peices) except more kid friendly and not as scary.

  3. I love percy Jackson, too! annabeth is my favorite character! I also love star wars!
    Can't wait to see more...

  4. OMIGOSH!!!! I love everything! I am a MAJOR fan of star wars and Percy Jackson too!