Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Gems of power - Part 6

I finally finished it!
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After everyone had recovered from shock, the Queen ordered the guards to retrieve the cage.
"Your majesty? I have a question." I asked.
"Yes, Amy, what is it?" 
"What was she talking about? About the gem of power?"

"Amy, the gem of power is the most powerful thing in the world, having it would give you more power than you can imagine. We have one, and it is in a secret cave, guarded by all sorts of security measures. There is another one in the kingdom next to ours as well. The others have been destroyed long ago." 

We took the cage home, talking with the princess and her hand maidens, and tried everything we could think of to open it, but with no avail. 

As thy were struggling with the cage, I noticed that Shadows in moonlight was acting strangely, as if fighting something.  

I buried my face in her mane and stroked her. "It's ok, you can fight it! You're alright." She shuddered, then relaxed, and I knew that she would be alright.

Then I saw why she had been acting strange. standing tall and silent, a dark figure against the top of the hill.

I mounted the unicorn. "Charge!" 

I had no clue what I was doing, but I had the unicorn charge any way.

Medea smiled grimly, and threw back her hood, revealing dark hair pulled back, and a surprisingly young pretty face, then pushed her cloak of her shoulders.

She closed her eyes, raised her hands and started chanting something in a different language. Her hands started to glow.
"Amy!" The Queen called. "She's about to cast magic!"

A cloud passed over the sun. I didn't know what to do. At the last moment I stretched out my hand and slapped her cheek, HARD.     

Maybe not the best move, but it broke her concentration. She fell to the ground, rubbing her cheek. The cloud moved away.

I scrambled off Shadows in moonlight as Medea started to get up. Before she was fully up though, I jumped on her, and we fell tussling on to the grass.
Oh look, the cloud came back. XD
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  1. uh oh...what will happen next?

    1. You'll have to wait and see.....*cackles evilly*