Friday, July 22, 2016

TBFN challenge three

Team Dragons

Go team dragons!
 Hi ya'll, today's part of the story will be told from Deena's point of view. And on a totally different subject, I just finished the third Keeper of the lost cities. Any way, here you go!
(Rutvi, I used 4 prompts and a dragon.) 

The elves marched us into the clearing, towards the elven Queen. I considered grabbing Beth and flying for it, but no, the elves were to fast with those bows and spears. They marched us strait up to Queen, her ghostly beauty radiated, so powerful I could feel the sense of death.Ghostlybeauty

They bowed, poked Beth with a spear until she bowed, which made me angry. I remembered something my father taught me. I did a complicated twisting ducking motion with my head. the elves and other creatures thought it was another way to show respect, but in fact it was an insult, a secret we kept well within the dragons. It was fun. Queen Nymphyra coldly gazed down upon Beth, though she had to flick her eyes up to meet mine. It made me want to chuckle. She probably wouldn't talk to us, she rarely talked to any strangers. Sure enough, she snapped her fingers, and a tall elf in white robes came out and walked strait to Beth. He pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and spoke.
 "See this paper?"
"Uh, yes. You're holding it an inch from my face." 
"It represents your life."
He tore it in two.paper.jpg    
There was a long silence as the two pieces floated to the ground. Beth pushed her, what were they called again? Gasses? Yes, gasses. She pushed her gasses up higher on that tiny thing she called a nose and opened her mouth to say something but then there was a massive FWOOM! And a cluster of trees nearby burst in to flame. Queen Nymphyra screamed, and all the elves, even the ones guarding us, immediately rushed over to fire. I realized that the rose must be in there. I smiled, and shoved Beth in the opposite direction. We hurried along out of the clearing and found Max waiting. "This way, hurry." He said as he turned around and started walking. He led us to a river, with a narrow mossy bridge over it. 
Beth looked at it dubiously.
"Do you think it will hold?"
"I've used it for years, come on!"Max was getting impatient. Beth looked at me, pleading with her eyes. I felt bad for her. I studied the bridge. I guess it would be kind of scary, for one so small, and if she couldn't fly...poor thing. I shook my head. 
"I'm sorry honey, but I can't fly you over, and I will be swimming, you might fall off. You can trust the bridge, it's strong." Beth took a deep breath. 
"Ok." She stepped out, moving quickly but carefully. I nodded, and slid gently down the bank and into the water with a barely a splash. I was across in a few seconds, and waited for Beth and Max. We walked some more. They walk so slowly. So slow in fact, that I had time to clean almost all the plants and twigs off my scales. Max was taking us on a different route home, it was nightfall by the time we got there. I had caught a wild boar and another deer for supper, and Max and Beth got kindling, and small sticks, while I helped with the big sticks and get it all in a pile in the doorway. I lit it, and roasted the deer by blowing fire because Beth said she was to hungry to wait. A nice breeze started up as I ate my boar, though it was making Beth's hair blow all over the place, and she started shivering so she had to move closer to the fire. After we ate, and I had licked up all the leftovers, Max pulled out his guitar and started strumming, and twisting tiny little things and strumming again. Then he started to play. The notes floated from his guitar, up, up, into the sky. I could hear our song. The song of the dragons.guitarnotes.jpg    
I closed my eyes in bliss, treasuring this moment.   


  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. You are an exceptional writer!

    1. eeeeeeeeee! thank you so much! *does an excited happy dance*