Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Gems of power - Part 5

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Medea's palace was pretty hard to miss. It was big. When we got there, we walked in cautiously, expecting a trap any minute. She was in the throne room, looking very imposing, her hood pulled low.
"Hello." She said. Her voice was low and silky, like a snakes. "I have been expecting you." 

"How did you know we were coming?" I asked.

"I suspected that you would be coming, and I saw you in my crystal ball." She gestured towards it, it was very beautiful, on a gold stand.

"And why are you here?"
"We have come for my daughter and her handmaidens, nothing more."
"Ah, if you want your daughter back, you will give me the gem of power that is in your possession."

"Never!" the Queen cried, but she looked pained. 

"Come, come. Just hand over the jewel, and I will set your daughter and her handmaidens free."

"Never!" We all said it this time, even the girls in the cage.

"Very well. Take your princesses! But little good it will do. The cage is heavily enchanted, so nothing can open it but the key..."

"Which I am taking with me!" She exclaimed, pulling a key from somewhere inside her cape.

She twirled around....

.....and was gone.

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