Friday, July 15, 2016

This or that!

Umm, yeah. I haven't done one in a while. :/

Willa or Maryellen
3b22b5a7376e3b9f5fb97b10d708a483.jpg (236×472)tumblr_nte3tuyMBw1skd3dio1_400.jpg (305×541)

  The Sunset sleepover tent or the Adventure tent
G0653_sunset_sleepover_tent_1 (400×400)DNX71_Adventure_Tent_1 (400×400)

   Silver print cat tee or the Kitten sweater
DNX94_Silver_Print_Cat_Tee_Dolls_1 (400×400)DNX87_Kitten_Sweater_Dolls_1 (400×400)

  Ombre ballet outfit or the Sparkly jazz outfit 
DNY00_Ombre_Ballet_Outfit_Dolls_1 (400×400)CHD45_sparkly_jazz_outfit_1 (400×400)

Cute and comfy lounge set or the Fair isle pajamas (retired)
DNP56_Cute_Comfy_Lounge_Set_1 (400×400)BKH19_Fair_isle_pj_1 (400×400)

Wellie wisher Nature explorer set or the Ocean treasures set
d39aa2f3d78bf6982bd2c00ccbe13a7e.jpg (564×564)b3bb5461c53d8519626c43b64af2755c.jpg (307×296)
        Chocolate lab or Dalmatian puppy
BKB81_chocolate_lab_puppy_1 (400×400)x354-q80.jpg (354×354)

Adorable accents for dolls-everyday or Adorable accents for dolls-souvenir
CHC96_Adorable_Accents_Everyday_1 (400×400)F2963_Adorable_Accents_Souvenir_1 (400×400)

    Doll travel or Explore with Lea
CLT72_doll_travel_book_1 (400×400)explore-with-lea-lr.jpg (635×489)

 Julie's school lunchbox or Kit's school lunch
F6316_julie_school_lunchbox_1 (400×400)F7647_kit_school_lunch_1 (400×400)

My pics:
.The adventure tent, it's purple!
.Silver print cat tee
.oooooooh I can't pic. They look like a water nymph and the fire bird, how can I pic?
.Fair isle pajama's! They are sooo cute! I wanted to get them before they retired but no. :(
.oooo, another I can't pic.
.mmmm, the dalmatian. 
.The souvenir one.
.Doll travel, I have it and it's AWESOME!!
.Kit's school lunch, I can't believe I haven't asked for it yet. 

What are your pics? Please comment!

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  1. maryellen, adventure tent, silver print cat tee, sparkly jazz outfit,
    fair isle pajamas, ocean treasures set, chocolate lab, dolls everyday one, doll travel, kits school lunch.