Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Gems of power - Part 8

The last part, eeeee!
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I was sitting on my front porch talking to the Queen, for there wasn't really anything we could do.
"Do you think Medea would go back to her castle?" I asked.
"No, she is to cunning to do that. She has probably hidden herself far away, where we can not find her."

"And what about the other kingdom, could they help?" 

"Yes, they could, and probably would, but it worries me that we have not been able to contact them."

"Do you think Medea had anything to do with it?"

"I fear so. Also how she controlled the unicorns mind. That takes severely strong magic only a few have accomplished, and with help."

We pondered that for a moment. Then I heard my mother call.

I got up and started to open the door, but stopped.
"Your majesty?"

The Queen turned.
"Yes, Amy?"

"If you ever see Medea again, please call me."

"You know I will Amy, you know I will."

I relaxed.
"Goodbye your majesty."
"Goodbye, Amy."

But far away, in a distant cave far in the mountains, Medea sat in the darkness, plotting.
"Those fools do not know what the're up against."  

"For I have something they do not know I have..."

"The blue gem of power!
Yes, I stole it from the other kingdom, and made sure that no messages got though, so no one knew of their loss. It also granted me the strength to control the unicorn, and now shall aid me to get the other, and I shall be the most powerful being in the universe! .....However, I hate to say it, but I may need assistance. I believe it is time to go find my sister...."
The end! 
No, really please don't get mad! I will make another season as I think of something to happen....


  1. oh no, but this aswome!!!:) who going to win?

  2. So scary! What? The end! I hope you will make more soon!

    1. yes, the end! augh! I will work on making more, but I want to finish the doll dining craft series first. speaking of which, I better get to work.....

  3. ohhhhh that was AWSOME! olive your stories are amazing!

  4. I cant wait for the other season!