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The Blogger’s Fantasy Notebook-TBFN Challenge 2

Yay! I got the image! *Happy dance*

Team Dragons

Now lets see if I can get the prompts....



Burnt Rose.jpg

Yay! And I decided to continue the story from last time, so here you go!
(Rutvi, I used 3 prompts, and a dragon, duh ;) )
I scowled. "But what do I do until then?" I asked. Max grinned. 
"You live to be an old-"
"I have a suggestion." Deena interrupted. "How about we go back to my cave, Max can go home through his tunnel, and we will worry about that tomorrow." No one had anything else to say, so we climbed on to Deena's back and she flew among the clouds, to avoid being seen. When we arrived at Deena's cave, Max said goodbye and left.
"Where does he go? And where is that tunnel you mentioned?" 
"I don't know, but he told me that his home is safe, and he takes a secret tunnel to get there. He's never showed me."
"Then how do you know you can trust him?"
"Trust me, he would not be around if I didn't trust him." I ate a little roasted deer that Deena had caught, and she ate the rest as well as two more. It was messy. Then we went in the cave to sleep. Deena had a very large, untidy bed made of various things in the back of the cave, including bones. She made me a little bed nearby, made of leaves and straw. she tried to keep the sticks out of the leaves, but I still found some very large ones. We settled down and I took off my glasses and put them on a nearby rock. Oh, I didn't mention that? Sorry. "What is that thing you just took off your head?" Deena asked, sounding puzzled. 
"Oh, it's just my glasses. My parents made sure that I wore them, so it's become a habit."
Deena shook her head. "Humans are so weird." Her eyes narrowed, and she sniffed the air. "You smell stronger now, like the gasses-"
"Gasses. Like the gasses were hiding something, that's very strange." 
"Huh." Then I remembered something. "Why were you scared of me, but not Max? Isn't he human?"
"Oh no." Deena laughed. "Max is mostly elf."
"Mostly? And who names an elf Max?" 
"Max is part human, but it's not the same as being a real human. An obviously someone would, and did, name an elf Max."
I shook my head, confused. "I think I'll go to sleep now." 
Deena nodded. "It is pretty late." She gave a big toothy yawn would have scared an army, curled up, and softly rumbling, fell asleep. I yawned and lay down. I thought I saw Deena slightly glowing gold. I shook my head and blinked. I most be more tired then I thought. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up hearing my name called.
"Beth, come here! This sunrise is beautiful!" I got up, and walked out to the entrance to cave, where Deena was sitting. I gasped. "I know, isn't it beautiful?" Deena gave a happy sigh and swished her tail. 
"No, that's not it. Why is everything glowing?" 
"Glowing?" Deena looked puzzled.
"Yes, glowing. You are glowing very bright, and the plants are glowing, I can see glowing silhouettes of animals and bugs. The rocks aren't glowing though, or those dead trees."
"Ah ha!" Deena jumped up and did a flip in mid air. "You're a life tracker!"
"A what?" 
"A life tracker! You can see the life in things! And you never knew because you wore those gasses so much that when you did take them off, your eyes still had the effect on them, and they didn't really see right! But now, you can see!"
"Do you see everything glowing?" 
"No, life trackers are very rare." 
I pondered this. How did my parents know? I was very confused. 
"I want to do something." I said. "Can we go in the woods? I want to look at everything."
We were walking, and I was staring, realizing how much life was in the forest. Then I stopped.
"There are lots of human looking things up ahead."
Deena looked around and cursed. "I didn't realize how close we were to the elves." 
"Does Max live here?"
"No, he left them long ago. We must be silent, we are near the throne clearing. Lets see what they're up to." She parted the leaves to reveal the throne. 
"It's hot."
"It has to be, to hide her ice-cold heart of stone."
The woman sitting on the throne was tall and beautiful, very pale, with long black hair, flowing from under a gold circlet, encrusted with jewels.
"Why does she have a ice-cold heart of stone?" I asked.
"They call it the story of the burnt rose," Deena replied. "Once, a very long time ago, she was very kind. But she was cursed at birth, so that she could never be killed, unless someone destroyed a perfect rose that she was given. The rose would not die or wilt, but it could be damaged by many other things, and every time it was damaged, her life becomes shorter. Then one day, there was a great fire, started by the man she loved, and the rose was severely damaged. From then on, she was ruthless, believing that everyone was trying to damage the rose, and kill her. And she has been that way ever since." I was so engrossed with the story that I hadn't noticed the glowing forms sneaking behind the trees, surrounding us, until they jumped out.
We were caught.
Hee hee hee! 

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