Thursday, July 21, 2016

My fandoms (besides AG) part 2

I'm so sorry, I had a fever and blogger was acting up again. :( 

The rangers apprentice. 
 So cool! Amazing series, but don't read the last book, number 12. It is about a new generation of rangers with scraps of the regular people and a bratty new main character.

Here is the back of the first book, click on the pic to see it better.

Pride and Prejudice.
I've watched this soooo many times, it's amazing! Even when I was little, I watched it for the outfits, leaving for a bit when they kept talking without a costume change. Then one day I watched the whole thing and actually understood the story!

My dad has had these books on the shelf for as long as I can remember. Except the last one, that came in about half way through. Ivy, Thorin and I would make up stories about the dragons on the cover, and dad told us that they were about a guy who rode a dragon, and a girl who rode a dragon, and they got married and had a baby, and the dragons got married and had a baby, and the baby human rode the baby dragon. Nope. The end of Inheritance (which is the last book) makes you want to scream, and wish that howlers are real so you could send one to the author. The first one is really good though!  

A better look at the books. Eragon (1) Eldest (2) Brisingr (3) Inheritance (4) 

Eragon's guide to Alagaesia is fun, it has a bunch of pictures, and maps and stuff like that, but it reveals spoilers so only read it after you finish the series. ;)

Mario kart wii
I think this is more of an obsession. :)

Oh, and if I have enough money, there will be a surprise in August. :) 


  1. I might be getting a wellie wisher!!!!!! I'm thinking willa but let me know which one you think I should get!!!!

    1. really? that's so cool! and go ahead and get your favorite :)

  2. Yeah, I'm super excited!!!!!!