Tuesday, July 25, 2017

beach trip

What do you mean I haven't posted the beach pictures yet?
Well, are you sure-
Oh, ok then.
Sometimes I don't listen to myself. 😛
So, the first thing we did this month was go to Hazel's for a beach day, it was very fun. 🙂 And apparently I never posted the photos, so here they are.

Whyyyyyyyy did we have to park so far???
I had brought Kit, and I wanted to get some photos of her, but one look and I said no, I'm not carrying her allllllll the way over there, and then getting one of the parents to come with me allllllll the way back to put her back in the car. No, just no. Sorry Kit.

I like clouds. 🌥

yeesh, crowded. and those teeny weeny waves! The NC beaches we usually go to, the waves are huuuge and very rough. These waves were surprisingly gentle, but still large and strong enough to enjoy jumping them. 🙂🌊

Oh look, it me!

ok my feet just look weird in this picture. 😂

The end. 😛
Ivy, Hazel and I also took one of my favorite selfies ever, ate a lot, and played with the baby. He is so sweet. 💙 We also dug nests in the sand for imaginary creatures, and sat in them eating popcorn and trail mix. it was quite fun. 🙂

I also made the dolls new swimsuits, which is why Kit wanted pictures. Also, as you can see I fixed Kit's mermaid tail, and I don't remember if I showed you Camille's. Well, now you know. 🙂
Also, my next post should be a tags post, and then some more trip posts. 😛

Have a wonderful day!

Do you ever forget whether you've posted about something or not?
When was the last time you went to the beach? Do you like playing in the water,
 the sand, or both? What's your favorite thing about the beach?


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    1. thank you! :)
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