Friday, April 8, 2016

This or that!

This or thats are so fun to make! here are twelve this or that questions.

                                      Spring breeze outfit  or  Samantha's frilly frock

DHV57_Spring_Breeze_Dress_Set_Dolls_1 (400×400)   BKD37_Samantha_frilly_frock_1 (400×400)     

                       Rebecca's bed or Samantha's bed
CKB95_Rebecca_Bed_Bedding_1 (400×400)    BKD49_Samantha_bed_1 (400×400)
(I'm sorry that the pics are so small, otherwise they refused to go next to each other)                                                       Kit's radio set or Maryellen's jukebox
CKB90_Kit_Radio_Set_1 (400×400)CMC59_Maryellen_Jukebox_1 (400×400)

                                                        Salon stylist set or Salon center
F5349_salon_stylist_set_1 (400×400)F5345_salon_center_1 (400×400)

                                              Cool coral outfit or Sparkle sweater outfit 
CMV10_Cool_Coral_Outfit_Dolls_1 (400×400)CLF84_Sparkle_Sweater_Outfit_Dolls_1 (400×400)

                                 Shimmer and shine purse or Starry silver purse
CGL85_shimmer_shine_purse_1 (400×400) CGL84_starry_silver_purse_1 (400×400)
                                         Rebecca's pajamas or Petals and plaid pj's
CKB94_Rebecca_Satin_Pajamas_1 (400×400)G0640_petals_plaid_pjs_dolls_charm_1 (400×400)

     Samantha's accessories or Maryellen's accessories
BKD31_Samantha_accessories_1 (400×400)19238da2fe1b8773a188a052cf3cd333.jpg (400×400)

Rhythmic gymnastic outfit or Pretty plie ballet outfit
CMV04_Rhythm_Gymnast_Outfit_Dolls_1 (400×400)CHD44_pretty_ballet_outfit_1 (400×400)

                                Apricot poodle puppy  or  Samantha's dog, Jip

BKB85_apricot_poodle_puppy_1 (400×400)BKD43_Samantha_dog_jip_1 (400×400)

                             Lea's mix and match swim set  or  Boho beachy swimsuit  
DGT27_Lea_Mix_Match_Swim_Set_Dolls_1 (400×400)CHD46_boho_beachy_swimsuit_1 (400×400)

                                         Sparkly skating set  or  Maryellen's skating outfit
BKH28_Sparkly_skating_set_1 (400×400)CMC43_Maryellen_Ice_Skating_Outfit_1 (400×400)

My favorite's were:
.Spring breeze outfit
.Samantha's bed
.Kit's radio set, but the jukebox is so cute!
.Salon center
.Cool coral outfit 
.Shimmer and shine purse
.Petals and plaid pj's
.Maryellen's accessories 
.Rhythmic gymnastics outfit
.Apricot poodle puppy  
.Boho beachy swimsuit
.Sparkly skating set

Leave a comment! what where your picks?


  1. phooy, they fit on the draft!

  2. Hi Ariana it's Hazel that is soooooo cute

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  4. What I would pick would be:
    -Spring breeze outfit
    -Rebecca's bed
    -Maryellen's jukebox
    -Salon center
    -Cool coral outfit
    -Starry silver purse
    -Petals and plaid pj's
    - Maryellen's accessories
    -Rhythmic gymnastic outfit
    - Apricot poodle puppy
    -Lea's mix and match swim set
    -Sparkly skating set!
    That was fun! Thanks for doing it!
    kaitlynrh1 :)



  5. spring breeze outfit, samanthas bed, Maryellen's jukebox, salon stylish set, cool coral outfit, shimmer and shine purse, Rebecca's pajamas, Maryellen's accessories, rhythmic gymnastic outfit, Samantha's dog, jip, boho beachy swimsuit, sparkley skating set. so much fun!!!!!!! you should do more