Saturday, April 30, 2016

Doll size backpack find

When we were at the cliff dwellings I found the perfect sized doll backpack! I wasn't sure if i should buy it, but I couldn't resist. ;) 

This is the front. It is called a gogear belt pack, you can find it on amazon to. 

The tag.

The back. I am going to add straps made out of black duck tape and a shoelace.

It has a little carabiner on the top, I am going to take that off...

...and there is room for a bedroll on top.

You can put things in the pocket on the front.

There is stretchy cords on the sides, maybe for a water bottle? But there is no bottom so it
might fall out. 

There is a double zipper, very good quality.

Lots of room inside, I like that.

There is a weird clip thing inside, I don't  know what its for.

There is another mesh pocket in side to.

And there you go! I think its pretty cool, what do you think? Will you buy one on amazon?

We got a lego set with Rey, her speeder, and a thug. I built it, and we were playing with it, then I left for something, and Ivy and my brother gave Rey her buzz saw and did this:

They always do that! with whatever they are playing with! Crazy, crazy.                                            

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  1. The little clip inside is for a big person's keys, but I don't know what Kit would use it for :)