Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Going to America - Part 4

In this part, I will be showing you how to make dolls for your dolls!

You will need:
1. Fabric for the body and the clothes
2. Yarn
3. Needle and thread
4. Hot glue
5. Scissors, pencil, and a ruler 

Step 1. Fold the body fabric in half, and make square on it 4-6". Draw a doll shape inside of it, and cut it out.

Step 2. Pin the two sides together so they don't slip apart when you sew...

...And sew together, make sure you leave a few inches open at the top.

Step 3. Turn the doll inside-out, 

stuff, and sew the top closed.

Step 4. Cut the clothes fabric in two squares, 4"-5 1/2". Fold them in half, then in half again, and cut of a tiny little corner, 

so that when you unfold it, it has a hole in the middle.

Step 5. Slip the squares on the doll, like this, 

and tie a piece of wide ribbon in the middle.

Step 6. Make a braid out of the yarn, and hot glue it to the dolls head, along the seam. 

Now you can add a kerchief, shawl, apron, what ever you want, really. Or more like whatever your doll wants. Happy crafting! 

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