Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The third stop, part 1 - the cliff dwellings of Bandelier

Hello! Kit here, mama said I could do this post, I'm so excited! 
First we drove along a road that was sooooo high, and the wall didn't reach mama's knees! it was scary. 
Mama found a tree in bloom.

Then we saw something that they did ceremonies in.

Here's a bigger picture.

I wanted to climb down and dance, but mama said that she wasn't allowed to go in there, so she wouldn't be able to pull me out. So I settled with dancing on the edge.

Then we saw the ruins of buildings.

And this is the whole village. 

A cool pic of the cliff.

I like this picture, but mama says she could have done better.

This rock looks really funny.

I liked siting on it.

There were a lot of little roads in the rocks.

I found my own cave to live in!

These are some really funky ones!

There was a carved one!

A quiet little corner. 

Here is the door to a house.

I climbed up the ladder...

And I found a shelf for my room!

I like this picture, and so does mama, I think it looks professional. 

The roof was all black, and mama lifted me up so I could touch it, it made my fingers black, but mama wiped it off.

Mama likes this picture.

There was a lot of cacti, I didn't like it, it was to big.

Eeeeeek! that is even bigger! I'm gone!

Paint left on the rock.

There were a few little creeks, mama is crazy about taking pictures of water.

A few bonuses:

                                                                 So long for now!


  1. The cliff dwellings are awesome! Hope you all had a great time!

  2. Really cool pictures. I hope to see the cliff dwellings some day.