Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Going to America - Part 3

In this part, I will be showing you how to make a apron, shawl, and kerchief. 

First up, the apron!

You will need:
1. White fabric
2. Needle and thread (no glue, this is an easy craft, good for beginners, you can do it!) 
3. Scissors 

Step 1. Cut a square out of your fabric 6"-6", and pin the edges to be hemmed.

Step 2. Sew a long ribbon, (at least 20") to the back of the square, and add a pocket if you want.

You are done!

For the shawl and kerchief,

You will need:
1. Fabric, one with fringe would look nice
2. Needle and thread
3. Scissors

Step 1. Cut a rectangle out of the fabric, 1 1/2' -8". Now cut that so it is a triangle.

Step 2. Pin and hem the edges.

You are done! This is the right size for a shawl and a kerchief, so that is cool! You can make two if you want your doll to have both at the same time, which would be a good idea. Here is Kit, wearing the stuff we made. She borrowed Kirsten's dress and socks.
As a shawl...

...and as a kerchief

Done with clothes, time for supplies! (And other stuff) 

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