Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cotton candy!

Hi everyone! American girl ideas  just finished a carnival series, but she had so many sets with cotton candy in them that she didn't craft any, so I decided to! 
I was going to add labels, but I changed my mind.

You will need:
1. Cotton balls
2. Markers 
3. Ribbon
4. Twisty-ties
5. Toothpicks
6. Zip-lock bag

Step 1. Color your cotton balls with the markers. When they get out of shape, just roll them between your hands. Make 2 pink and 1 blue.

Step 2. Squish the blue one a little, and put it between the pink in the corner of the zip-lock bag, and cut to size, make sure you leave extra at the top. 

Step 3. Close the cut edge with tape, and close the top with a twisty-tie.

But if you want it on a stick, glue a colored cotton ball to a toothpick, add the zip-lock to the top, and close with a ribbon. And don't forget to cut of the end of the toothpick. 

 Viola! enjoy!

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