Friday, April 7, 2017

A fish, chicks, and a kitten we didn't get to keep

Hello everyone! :D  

It's that time of year again. 😆 Pollen everywhere. 🤧

We have had some new animals joining us, and I thought I would share them and some stories about then with ya'll, even though the one with the most story is the one that's not here now. 😒

The fish!
Oh look, it's my reflection!
Thorin wanted a beta fish for his birthday, but mom forgot. So one day, (almost 4 months later) we went to the pet store, and while the littles were ooogling the rodents, Ivy was telling them all the reasons mom would not get them ferrets, mice, rats, and hamsters, and Princess and I were looking at the parakeets, Thorin picked his fish. He's young, and not quite grown, so he has plenty of life left. Thorin named him Neptune, though I suggested Percy. But then it would seem like Mr. D finally got to punish him for something.  My mom suggested Frank, as it would make sense, but if he was red she would have wanted to name him Leo. (All the ladies love Leo! Love Leo!) (random Mark of Athena quotes) 😄
Oh, and remember Ivy's legos? A few days ago, she set them up outside of fishy's tank, so it looked like they were staring at him. He hid in his plastic plant, and was super, super still, like he was scared of them! 😂
And chickies! 🐥
Aren't they so adorable? We have six. 😊
Such cute little fluff balls. We put then all on a scale at once, and together they weigh half a pound. 😛

So tiny! Me and princess have to share one, since she can't really take care of one. I named it Luna, and Princess approved. 😛

I saw this, I thought 'Ooooh! I can get a good picture of him!' then I looked at what he was watching.....

See this little fella? He/she's been hanging around for a week, eating Milo's food, (Milo eats outside, due to a habit he has of knocking his bowl over when he wants attention) making friends with him, and running, but not far, whenever he/she notices us watching.
And here it was one morning, just batting sweet gum balls around.
I had sat down behind the curtain on our glass doors, and was peeking out of them to get these shots.
How'ed you get up there?
Oh well.

Then he/she noticed me, came right up and stood like this, and even stretched their paw out tentatively, even though he/she could tell that there was glass. It was so cute! Then the little kids scared him/her off, and the moment was gone. 
Then the next day, the garage door wasn't shut right, and Thorin saw him/her slip into the house. They all went chasing it down, lost sight of it and wasn't sure what had happened. They thought there was a possibility of it having slipped back outside, so they ceased searching and went back to doing their school. Hours later, mom went upstairs, smelled cat pee, and noticed a large wet spot on her bed. That was it. No chance of keeping it now. She told us to get up here and find it, so they went upstairs and I stayed behind to keep an eye on Princess and the chicks. Apparently it tore around, trying to climb up the windows to find a way out, them retreated to a small hole under my moms desk. 
Then Ivy and I went to our next door neighbor, and asked if we could borrow a cat carrier. (She has three cats and a bunch of dogs.) We put food in the carrier, and placed it outside the hole, figuring that it will go in sometime. 
Then the neighbor texted my mom, and told her that her son was here, he worked at a shelter, and did she want him to come get it. My mom said that if he didn't mind sticking his hand in small places to grab a scared cat, then sure. So he came and grabbed it by the scruff of it's neck, and it was flailing around, like a pom-pom with claws. He put it in the carrier, and offered to take it to the shelter, and they would take care of it and give it it's shots. He said it looked about 10 weeks old. So he left with it, and that was that. 
Then a few days ago, I was talking to our neighbor, and she said that her son told her that it's adjusting very nicely, and in the process of getting it's shots, and they're pretty confident that they'll be able to find it a home soon, so that's good. 🙂 

(did I use the word 'then' a little to much?)

And that concludes my post for today. *bows* And since Hazel can't post due to blogger difficulties, I shall take the liberty to inform you, 

that she has another little brother!

He was born about a week ago, and is so cute, and skinny, and tiny! Totally adorable. 💙
I wish I could tell you is name, because his name makes him even more adorable.😊
Ah well. 

Do you have any pets? Funny stories about them?
Do you like infants as much as I do?


  1. I just got three fish and belive it or not, one of them is named Neptune! Come up and visit soon!


    1. oh, thats funny. XD i'd love that! but is it warm up there? o.O XD

  2. The kitten is SO cute! :D