Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kit's birthday - a photostory

Hello! I went to the American girl store a few days ago, and got some things for this photostory!
So let's just pretend that it's August. :P And buckle up, because this is nice and long... :)


It was Kit's birthday, and the girls were standing around, chatting, drinking soda and scarfing oreo cookies and cheetos. "Can you open your presents now Kit?" Elizabeth asked.
"Sure." Kit said. They set their sodas down a headed for the living room.

Elizabeth plopped onto the floor while Kit sat down on the sofa. "Ooooooh." Kit said. "Look at these!" Ruthie gestured to a green package with a white ribbon. "Open this one first!"

Kit complied, and gasped with delight. "A fluffy coat! And some new ice skates!"
(Any one remember this clue?

"Who got it for me?" 
"A relative, but it was my idea, because now I can have your old skates!"Ruthie claimed with enthusiasm. Kit laughed.  

Kit set them aside, Elizabeth pulled the wrapping paper onto the floor, and Ruthie shoved over another present, with colorful dots and a purple ribbon.

Kit opened it and squealed. "Some rock climbing stuff! Yahoo!"
(Anyone remember this clue? 
Love AG, you were right!)

Kit finally set them aside, and Ruthie handed her the last present, a long box with pink polka dots. "Here you go!" Ruthie said. "You're going to really like this one!" Elizabeth bounced up and down.

Kit opened it, and almost died of excitement.

Can you see why? ;)

Kit finished squealing, and hugging the box to her, asked Ruthie "Who got it for me? Quick! I must thank them with all my heart!" "Well." Ruthie said, enjoying her excited face. "Well, Elizabeth thought of it, asked your mom, and your mom took her out, Elizabeth picked it out, and your mom paid for it."

Kit jumped up, and gave Elizabeth a hug. "Oh, thank you thank you thank you!" Elizabeth giggled, giddy with excitement herself.

Kit heard a 'ping!' and Ruthie checked her phone. She jumped up, and nodding to Elizabeth, grabbed one of Kit's hands, while Elizabeth grabbed the other, and the dragged her out of the room. "What are we doing?" Kit asked with interest. 
"You're going to have a birthday bubble bath!" Elizabeth said. 
"A birthday bubble bath?" 
"Yep! It's a new tradition!" Ruthie replied. 

They lead her into the bathroom, and Kit had to admit she was impressed. Everything was shiny clean, there was a table cloth and a vase of flowers on the table, and the tub was already filled with hot water and lots of bubbles. "Be sure to take your time." Ruthie said.

As Ruthie and Elizabeth walked out, Kit said "Does this have anything to do with the text you got?" Ruthie grinned and winked. "I'll just say that Elizabeth and I have one more surprise to arrange."

After they left, Kit settled down in the bubbles, sighing with pleasure. It was so peaceful and warm, She almost fell asleep a few times!

Kit heard the front door open, and low voices. hmm. She thought. I wonder what they're up to? She decided to continue her bath. The water wasn't going to stay warm forever.

When Kit finally got out of the tub, She couldn't here the voices anymore. She wrapped herself in a big, fluffy blue towel, and wondered what they were up to.

She got dressed, and headed out.

As she slowly pushed open the door to the living room,  (idiot me, I should have put her somewhere else! not the front door!) She heard low voices again, Ruthie, Elizabeth,....and someone else. 

Kit peeked through the door and gasped.


"Oh Camille, I'm so happy you're here!"

"But what are you doing so early? Mama said your plane wasn't until next week."

"Well," Camille said happily. "Ruthie, Elizabeth, Mama, auntie Ivy, and auntie Daisy arranged it so the tall man in the suit could get me an earlier flight, so we'd be in time for your birthday!"

Then they are squealed some more, and had a group hug. :)
And then they had cake and apple juice, and I had a pic, but it got mysteriously deleted. :(

That night, I settled Camille in a sleeping bag, and an old nightgown.

But as soon as I left the room.....

They ended up here....

And the cat took the sleeping bag. ;)
I got Camille! Isn't she so cute? A few weeks after the wellie wishers were released I knew I had to buy her. :P I can't wait to make some clothes for her! Her profile will be up soon, and I will be removing Raggady Ann and Luke, because they only show up in Going to America. :P
Why Camille hasn't shown up before now, was a big problem, because I didn't want her to be adopted. I went through several explanations with Ivy before making up this story:
So when Camille was 2 years old, I got really sick with something, who knows what. I almost died, had to go go to the hospital, you know, that sort of stuff. The problem, was who would watch my kids? Ivy took care of young Kit, but an evil aunt of mine, who was living in a big mansion in England, claimed Camille. She took Camille to England, and when I got better, the evil aunt wouldn't give me back Camille. She kept Camille, didn't let her outside very much, definitely didn't let her play with any other kids, and taught her herself. We only got her back when the evil aunt died. Luckily, Camille doesn't have an English accent, because the evil aunt didn't have one, and she scolded Camille when she started picking it up from the servants.
The whole story is made up, I've never been that sick, and I don't have an evil aunt in England :) :P


  1. Happy belated birthday, Kit! Her party is awesome! And Camille is adorable! <3

  2. Happy Birthday ( a little late!) Kit! Congrats on Camille- she's so adorable!
    ~ Light4theLord

  3. Yay!! Happy late birthday Kit!!! Awww Camille she's so cute!!! Camille was my second option when I picked my wellie wisher but I liked Willa a lot!!! Yay I got the outfit right! ;)

  4. I don't know if you sew a lot but I found a website that offers all the original pleasant company sewing patterns for FREE!!!! Here is a link:

    1. oooh, REALLY?? thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!:D

    2. I guess you might have to copy and paste it! ;)

  5. Oh also how did you make kit's bed??? If it's a website could you leave a link! ;) Thanks

    ~Love AG

    1. unfortunately, I have no idea. my dad and brother built it for me for christmass. however, Rudy has plans for one that looks simalar, so I hope this helps. :)

    2. Ok, great!! I thought I saw something on Rudy's blog a couple years ago! :) Thanks for the help! Oh and also could you do like a wellie wisher craft series?? Maybe make some clothes for them etc. Thanks!

      ~Love AG

    3. You're welcome! I'm glad it helped!
      hmmm, maybe, although I don't do good sewing tutorials because I don't use patterns. I'll have to think about it. :)

  6. I think you do awesome sewing tutorials considering you don't use patterns!!!

  7. Tell Daicy;)I said Hi! -Lilly-