Sunday, September 6, 2020

This Month on Instagram #21- August

 Hi y'all! 

*takes off a month* *does a month* *takes off a month* *does a month* 

lets not skip next month, yes? XD

This in a long post, like a full shoot and a half. It was SUPPOSED to be two shoots, but somebody spoiled it. *pointed look at Camille and the sun*

This shot? like this one.

bUt hErE cOmEs tHe sUn

Camille cute tho :3

my pretty lil girl 😍
Then right after I got this shot, she fell backwards and got her hair all wet and sandy. -_- I took her inside and washed it, she's fine now, but I moved on to Kit after that, and was much more careful 😅
Luckily for me, a cloud came and I didn't struggle with the lighting as much until the end :D

"why are there so many shots of her just standing there on the edge, Olive" the aNgLeS, the cUtEnEsS!!

love switching the focus, like 😙👌


exclusive not on insta photo 👀


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Hope y'all been doing well, and have a great September!

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