Tuesday, March 5, 2019

This month on Instagram #5 -February

So yeah, I took a break during January, but I returned for February. And almost all of these pictures have a different filter, since the original lighting was AWFUL. 

 The new doll is Sophie. Princess got her for Christmas, she's a re-named glitter girl.✨

Pretty girl💗 

They turned out quite lovely, in my opinion. If you check out my account, (@hiddenhollowagdolls) and notice one of Kit and Camille that has been filtered black and white, I had just read Salt to the Sea. Guys, I cried. Actual crying, continues tears streaming down my face and my throat was all choked up so I couldn't rant about the ending properly to my rather amused mother. I mean, it was about a tragedy, but still. BOTH OF MY FAVORITES DIED. BOTH. OF. THEM. I mean, I stilled liked the other people and I'm glad they survived but STILL. (also all the people dying in the back round made my heart go💔)
Its a good book. Read it. 

Also, Madi has gotten an Instagram! You can check it out HERE.
(and be sure to pray for her, her health has been rather bad lately☹️)

Well, see you soon! 

P.s. I am soooo ready for spring!!! 


  1. hey there! Olive I got a new blog. you can check it out at https://bothbrightsides.blogspot.com If you like.

  2. also these are beautiful pics! great job!

  3. I'll be sure to pray for Madi. Those pictures are lovely, Olive. I've never heard of glitter girls before. I have an Our Generation, though.