Friday, January 26, 2018

A snow photoshoot

Hey gals!
Last week, (or maybe it was two weeks?) it snowed a lovely amount. I was excited to take some pictures of the dolls in it, though I think it would have been better for them if it wasn't so deep. XD 

 I took Kit out, because I hadn't undressed her from skating, and Camille, since I thought she should get a chance to play in the snow. :) (Her outfit totally ruins the calm magical look but WHATEVER) 

 Yeah, she doesn't have any gloves. Shame on me. XD

 So pretty. 💋❄

 Don't be fooled: I barely stood them, they aren't close to touching the ground. 

 The sun decided to come out and glare/shadow everything weirdly just as I set them up for this shot. yay. 

 I really should have moved Kit so her face wouldn't be so shadowed.😬

 I'm thinking of making one of these, or one of her skating close-ups her profile pic. 


And by now my fingers were ice, (I wasn't wearing gloves) so I took them in and grabbed some gloves. But here are some more pics that I took!😃

 sooooo deep.

 sooooo sparkly.  

oooooh look at the sun rays in the corner!

And I took these the day before, it was snowing when I woke up, and it snowed heavily ALL day, it was awesome. I took these photos around lunchtime, when it was clearly sticking. But none of the snowflakes actually show up in any of my pictures, sadly.  

 Snow dusted pines ❄💙❄

Have an amazing day!
(hey look, my sign off matches. XD )
What was your favorite photo? Have you gotten any snow? 
Have you ever sacrificed warm fingers for photos? I love snow, but I am so 
ready for warmth and green again. What about you?


  1. I love snow (the dolls are inside right now, sipping on hot cocoa by the fire) we got around that amount multiple times and it all just melted but we should be getting more soon❄.

    -you know who I am;)

  2. Beautiful pictures Olive! The snow dusted pines are so pretty, I haven't ever tried to take pictures of my dolls in the snow before, do you have any trouble with them falling over? That's what scares me about trying it.
    -Katie :)

    1. thanks you! and i was scared to, but i was just really careful about where i put them, and I didn't let go until i was sure they wouldn't fall over. i did have to catch them a few times though!

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  4. how can I follow? also, do you like to read?

    1. there is a "follow be email" option on the side bar, and yes, i do like to read! :)