Wednesday, December 7, 2016

craft doll stockings!

Hello everyone! Do you like the new back round? I think it looks christmasy. Anyway, today I'm showing you how to make stockings, and handily getting Camille a stocking as well.
You will need:
1. Felt
2. Needle and thread
3. A pen, and glue
4. Embroidery floss, glitter glue, and puffy paint are optionable. 

(You can sew this project, or use glue.)

Step 1. Use the pen to draw a stocking shape on a piece of felt. Cut out two of them, making the top shorter than you want it to be in the end.

Step 2. Cut out two strips of felt to finish off the tops of your stockings.

Step 3. Take one of the strips, and embroider your doll's name on it. Or you can use glitter glue.

Step 4. Now sew the strips onto the stocking parts.

Step 5. Decorate the front of your stocking with more pieces of felt, puffy paint, glitter glue, or you can leave it plain. Then you can sew the front and back together, and glue on a loop.
You can use lots of different types of felt, And make lots of different decorations. Here's some inspiration.
If the instructions were hard to understand, please tell me, and I'll try to make it clearer. 
Also, I know of a HUMONGOUS very exciting thing for this blog! But I can't tell you. :( You'll find out in a few weeks, so stay tuned! I also have some really cute posts planed, but I've been REALLY busy lately, school, and blogging, and I haven't finished making christmas presents yet, and I'm pretty sure that I just agreed to make one of those felt stockings for someone, and something that isn't very important, but i'm excited about doing, AND, advent readings, and cookie making, and hosting a gingerbread house making party, and all the chaos around the holidays. And the time disappearing. It likes to do that. (BTW, i really envy those of you who are young enough to not be rushing around with stuff to do all day. You're lucky. Trust me.) Nevertheless, I'm really excited for christmas. Also, Tory posted, it has a cute mini doll and a cat in it. (I love cats!) so check that out HERE. Bye!


  1. Ahhh! It's so adorable! I LOVE it! So Christmasy and classic! <3

    And I'm excited to see what's coming to your blog! :D


    1. thanks! :)
      I'm so excited to tell! I can't stand it! XD