Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Doll dining - part 3 - breakfast

Hello! I have three of the five breakfast options. Pancakes and waffles are coming soon!

As you can see, here I have toast eggs and bacon, cereal, and croissants.
(To make the croissants, click HERE.)  

 I don't know why I put this in there. If you have any of that stuff that is used to color the apples HERE, (I don't) use it to make all golden and brown, and cut it in half. I used craft foam for butter.

 The bacon and eggs are just craft foam. But try to make your bacon look like it's NOT raw, XP

 Same here. I use a lot of craft foam, don't I? A round hole punch on different shades of brown and shaped ones on colors for marshmallows.

Now you can write it down in your menu! 


  1. Sorry ive been really busy!!! Wow thanks so much for making doll food!!!! You should hold a writing challenge where you can do it without a blog!! I would soooooo enter!!:)

    1. you're welcome. :)
      you know, I miiiight, someday. :)

  2. That would be awesome!! I really like to write fiction!

  3. So cute! I will have to make it! <3