Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Doll croissants

Hi! Here is another baking craft. I was going to wait until later to post this, but oh well! 

You will need:
1. Tan foam 
2. Hot glue, scissors, ruler, pen or pencil 
And of course a baking pan, what  you can make HERE.

Step 1. Draw a triangle that is 2"- 4" on the craft foam and cut it out.

Step 2. Roll the foam up tightly, wide end first, and keep adding hot glue to hold it.

Step 3. Pinch the ends together with your fingers, or use a chip clip to hold the ends together so it looks curved.

And since there isn't enough pics, I took one from THIS post, hee hee.

Oh, I finally got a really good idea for a photo story series! Ruthie is playing the bad guy, and I don't know what to name her! If you have any ideas, please comment! The best I got is Evil Eva, but that's not very good. :P Here is a sneak pic of Ruthie. What should I name her????


  1. Your crafts are really cool! I have Grace, so I might make these for her. :)