Monday, June 6, 2016

Mouse and mouse cage - a (small) pet for your doll

This is just so cuuute!

You will need:
1. A straw berry basket
2. Thin cardboard
3. Yellow/tan paper 
4. Pom poms
5. Pony beads
6. Aluminum foil
7. A paper towel roll
8. Paint and puffy paint
9. Mod podge
10. Scraps of felt and yarn
11. Wire
12. Duck tape
13. Hot glue, pencil, and scissors 
(I hope I got it all)

Step 1. Cut some parts so there is a little door that opens up, like in the pic.   

Step 2. Trace the basket upside down on the cardboard, a little larger than it actually is.

Step 3. Cut it out, and glue some walls on it to make a tray.

Make sure the basket can fit in the tray.

Step 4. Paint and mod podge the tray. cut some strips of yellow or tan paper, put mod podge in the tray, and put the paper on the mod podge, ans drip/spread more mod podge on top.

Now it should look like this.

Step 5. Fold up some aluminum foil...

...Spread it out flat...

...and wrap around a pony bead, so it looks likes this.

Step 6.Spread the top out flat....

....and trim it, so you have a little bowl.

Step 7. Now make your mouse out of pom poms and scraps of felt and yarn.

Make it a little face out of puffy paint.

Step 8. Glue three transparent blue beads on top of each other.

Make tiny little L with the wire, and wrap it in duck tape. Glue it in to the bottom of the beads. This is the little water bottle.

Step 9. Put your mouse in the cage and glue the little water bottle so the little mouse can drink.

Step 10. Cut an end off the paper towel roll about an inch wide.

Glue some thin strips of felt or craft foam in them.

Step 11. Glue some tooth pick spokes to a pony bead and glue it to the side.

Step 12. Paint the wheel and spokes. I made mine blue and black. 

Step 13. Glue a pony bead to a bit of tooth pick or barbecue skewer and stick it through the side of the basket. 

Stick the wheel on it, and adjust so the bottom will be almost on the floor.

Once you have it in the right place, glue another bead on it so it will spin without coming off.

Now you're done!

Elizabeth is very excited to have a pet mouse! 

*munch munch*

*slurp suck*

*pant pant squeak! pant pant squeak!* 

Say 'hello' squeaky!

She loves her little mouse.

In ya go!
I finally figured out how to do a fish tail braid! doesn't it look cute?


  1. This is adorable, you are very talented!

  2. Aw, this is so cute! It reminds me of the robo hamsters I used to own. I've been trying to come up with pets to give my dolls other then just cats and dogs -- looks like I've found my solution. ;)