Thursday, June 23, 2016

Review - Samantha's bedtime accessories

Hello! Today I am doing my first review, and it is Samantha's bedtime accessories. Ivy got it last Christmas. 
Here is the whole set, except the cards. 

latest (1000×1000)
Here is the pic from American girls website. It is $44

Let's start with the music box, because it's my favorite. It is made of wood, and has a design painted on the top.

 Here is the bottom. You turn the silver thing to wind it up. No batteries!

The gears are covered with plastic, so you don't break them, and there is a little space next to it to put stuff in. The little card is glued to the top. The hinges are a little loose, but they still won't open any farther than straight up, so that is good.

 It is bigger than I realized, here it is on Ruthie's lap.

 The teddy bear is so cute! He looks different than on the American girl website, but a lot cuter! He is very soft, and the bow is sewn on.

 He even has a tiny little tail! He does have a very long tag though, I don't know why I haven't cut it off yet.

 Here it is with Ruthie.

 And a little copy of the wizard of Oz! It is so cute! It is a hard cover.

You can even read the little words inside. It has 4 abridged chapters in it.

Here it is with Ruthie.

 And now the scrapbook. It is hard cover, and the sting is the only thing keeping to cover and the pages together.
 The cover opens easily, but the pages are more difficult. There is a little envelope inside to put the pictures. 
 Here are the little pictures. They are very cute, but just cardstock. And there aren't enough.

You can arrange them, and glue them down, but Ivy would rather play with them.

Here it is with Ruthie. 
Over all, I rate this 4 out of 5 stars. 

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