Thursday, June 16, 2016

Doll dining - part 5 - drinks

Hi! Sorry this is so late, I was blogging so much to day I forgot that I hadn't actually posted anything! I decided to do the drinks already. It's not really a craft, because you can see everything I did already. I'm just going to explain things a little. :)

 So here are the different drinks. 

 Here are two that are similar. I just painted the sides, and added straws and little craft foam circles for orange and lemon slices. You can leave it like that, or I filled one with clear beads for ice. Or you can mix school glue or mod podge and a few drops of food dye or vanilla, pour it in to the little cups, add whatever accessories, and wait a few days to a week to dry. (If you add nothing, just glue or mod podge, you have water!) This method is good for transparent drinks, like soda, lemonade, and orange juice. 

 This is another method of making solid drinks, like milk, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, stuff like that. Just put model magic that's the right color in your cup, and let it dry. (The marshmallows are little bits of craft foam.)
When it dries, it should be able to pop out like this.