Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Doll dining - part 4 - waffles and pancakes

Hi! I got an idea for tacos yesterday, so that will be on the lunch/diner menu.
You will need:
1. Tan craft foam
2. Yellow craft foam
3. Hot glue
4. Syrup colored paint

Step 1. Cut out a craft foam circle a little larger than your doll's hand.  

Step 2. Cut tiny little strips of craft foam and glue them down.

Step 3. Make a big gob of hot glue for syrup, and before it dries put a little square of yellow craft foam in the middle for butter.

Step 4. After the hot glue has dried, paint it for syrup. Try not to paint the butter.

Now you have a yummy waffle! Go ahead and add it to your menu. 



  1. Awwww!!!! Super cute craft Olive! I love all your crafts you make! This summer I'm doing a doll craft marathon, and I was wondering if you wanted to do it with me! So it would be on my blog (but you could also do it on yours too), and then you would email the craft to me then I would post it on my blog! But you don't have to do it if you don't want to. And it would only be for this summer.
    ~kaitlynrh1~ :D

    1. Oh! And, if you want to please comment on my blog that you would want to! Thanks! <3