Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Gems or power - Part 4

I know, so early right? XD

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I quickly stepped out and shut the door before my mother could see her, and asked,
"Whats wrong?"
"My queen requires your assistance!" Her voice was high, and slightly squeaky.

She immediately scrambled to the top of my head, and would tell me nothing, despite my questions, except for where to go.

She led me through the yard.....

....through the forest....

....then deeper into the forest....

And to the meadow, where the queen was waiting. My guide slipped down my head and arm, dropped off my fingers, and ran off.
"Thank goodness, Amy, you arrived. There have been two dreadful calamities this morning."
"Yes, two." 

"About fifteen minutes ago, the unicorn, or 'Shadows in moonlight' as you recently named her, started chasing us all round, not letting us prepare for the other great calamity..."

"For when the sun rose, Medea appeared out of nowhere, struck the guards with magic, threw some captives in a cage, laughed evilly, and vanished."

"And the captives were my daughter and her handmaidens."

"That's awful!" Amy exclaimed, "Can I help?"
"In a moment, first I would like you to help with the unicorn."

At that moment, Shadows in moonlight went stiff, and then fell over. I rushed over and knelt, she was breathing hard, with a wild look in her eyes. 
"I think it's over now." I said.

Then she slowly stood up, the fairies scattered, disappearing into the grass. I stood up, and slowly approached, hand outstretched, talking to her softly.

I pulled myself on to her back and stroked her softly. She quivered, then relaxed.

"It's alright now, come on! We have a princess to save!" Everyone scrambled aboard, and we were off!

Next part on Saturday! 

Quick story, I ran inside to get Ruthie's boots, and when I came out, Ivy had done this:
How did she do that? Any way,

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  1. Really nice story, You did such a good job with the pictures