Thursday, June 2, 2016

Going to America - the special post

Sorry I didn't post this before! I couldn't figure out how to make the background for some of the winter stuff, so I gave up after a few rants and driving my family crazy asking for suggestions. Any way, here you go!

 I made the outfits out of a combination of Kirsten's collection and stuff we made!

 I made the basket like THESE ones, but I used a tan color. The napkin and dumpling thing are from Addy's lunch, the bread is model magic textured with a piece of gravel and painted crust, I made the apples HERE, and the cheese is squares of yellow craft foam and a hole punch.

 Here are the pets! The birds in a cage, and the cats in baskets with mini quilts. 

 Kit will show you some of the stuff in her chest.

 I can see a quilt, needles and pins in some felt, a small pillow, a wash cloth and soap, a slate,seeds, a fishing pole, photo album, tools, ice skates, a doll, knitting needles, and it is hard to tell but the doll is in a pot and a small wooden bowl. 

 Kirsten has come in the wagon to pick them up.

They are really excited to see each other! 

 Kit sits in the front and talks with Kirsten while the girl in the back take off their kerchiefs and get their hair of their necks. It's HOT here in America!

 A few weeks later, they have settled on their farms, and are hard at work. Well, most of them...

 Kit is fishing. It looks like she caught something, witch is good, she only has one fish!

Ruthie is gardening. She's pretty good!

Elizabeth was supposed to be helping Ruthie, but she found a bunch of flowers, and started tearing them apart, saying "He loves me, he loves me not." and cheering when it ends on "He loves me not." XD