Monday, June 13, 2016

What we were doing

Hello! Rutvi is having a writing challenge! I think I will enter, it sounds like fun! Any way, these pics are from saturday.
Me, Ivy, and Hazel made or dolls run away, and here we are making them dolls.

Kit's doll is finished.

 Hazel is making Maria's, and I didn't take a pic of Ivy's because the i-pod died.

 Now they are playing with them.

 Now they are in their swim suits, playing with mini Samantha and waiting to go swimming. Except Ruthie, Ivy is trying a tunic on her.

Anna came too, and she brought mini Cecile. 

 It was a 2 hour drive, so I invented a hairstyle.

 Then we made the dolls watch a show. An after we were bored of that, we put the dolls behind the screen and made them iron man or the hulk. it looked really funny!
When we FINALLY got there, The dolls made a friend, Julie, but it was pouring buckets and I left the i-pod in the car. :( 
 When it cleared up, we went swimming, and this was just out side the pool area.
 When we got home, Ruthie was tucked into a human bed,

Maria had been set on a wet swim suit and her back had to dry, 

And Kit had been dumped on a bed covered in clothes. 
It was fun. :) 


  1. Thanks for mentioning my writing challenge! :)

    1. you're welcome. :)
      i was just so excited that i HAD to post about it. :)