Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Gems of power - Part 1

Hey ya'll! I'm starting my new photo story series! I've wanted to do a really cool photo story series like....
Loren's story, the Serpents
Jaclynn's  pirate stories 1, 2, and 3
Clara's  story, the small ones 
...and of  course, the guiding compass. 
(Read them all! It will only take, an hour?)

And I finally got an idea! Yay! I will post a new part every Saturday, there are 8 parts in it. 
Kit - Amy
Ruthie - Medea  
Misty - the unicorn
...and various playmobil as fairies
And now, The Gems of power!!!!

The evening it all started, I was out taking a walk in the forest. Relaxing and escaping from the world. I was especially stressed that day, so I had walked farther than I meant to. I leaned against a tree and sighed.

I heard a rustling in the trees and looked up. Was that a horn I saw poking out?

Then it's whole head came out. A unicorn!  

I stepped forward very, very slowly. And very, very slowly, I extended my hand until I was stroking her. "Hello." I said quietly. We just stared for the longest time.  

Then she came out and knelt, gesturing with her head that I should get on her back. I mounted nervously, I had only ridden a few times before, and never bare back! 

She started galloping, so fast it made my eyes sting. I leaned in and griped her mane as tight as I could, and tried to get my nerves and stomach under control.

All of a sudden, we burst in to a meadow, a magical looking meadow, if you know what I mean.
"Where are we..." I murmured.

Then the unicorn whinnied nervously, and suddenly tiny little people jumped out of the grass, surrounding us. They all had long ropes, weapons, and grim faces except for the woman in the middle, right in front. She carried a staff, and looked furious.
My siblings say that it's great, but they are mad because I won't tell them what happens next. >:D The next part is next Saturday! Was that good, or was it bad? Not the suspense, but the story in general. How was it?