Sunday, May 8, 2016

The seventh stop - The mission

Hello! we got home last night, but there are still two more stops (not counting this one) to post. Hopefully I will get back in to posting every day, and worst case, every other day.
Oh, happy Mother's day. Kit hasn't done any thing yet except complain that Ruthie wants to put her clothes in her wardrobe. :P   
I gave my mom some M'M's, but I couldn't remember where I hid the rest of my candy. :P 

Hi! Mama exaggerates. I also complained that my hair isn't long enough to do a Rey hairstyle, like her, but that's not the point.
before we went in, we visited a little garden, it was pretty. 

 Who puts cactus in a garden? #crazypeoplenextdoor (I'm learning how to do hash brow tags!)
Kit, it's hash tags, not hash brown tags!
Oh all right.

I didn't know mama took this pic, my hair is all over the place!
 The plaque is for the statue.
 I can see the ocean from here!
 These  where growing by the door.
 Pretty statue.

Is it just me, or can you see a face in that prickly head?

 That tree was huge! I wanted to climb it, but unfortunately...


 More?! This state is overrun with cacti!

 The front of the sanctuary is so detailed!
These were along the sides.

Mama got really excited about this, it is a little model of the whole thing! so tiny, but the glass around it was dirty.

This was a grape vine! 
The court yard.

 Some old artifacts.

 The original bell, you were allowed to touch it!

Mama took a pic of the rafters, she thought they looked cool, but I think they are just boring.
 There were some recreated rooms, those are always fun. 
A kitchen...

...And a bedroom.

 The outside.

Next stop: was the beach!
(I will be telling that one to)


  1. You forgot to mention that this was at the Santa Barbara Mission!

  2. Never mind, I see it in the title! ;P

  3. The Santa Barbara mission is one of the prettiest but I like all the missions. So much history.