Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pics and a this or that!

I am posting this today because, uh, I haven't typed up the draft for a craft yet. :p                          
Ok, first the pics. Yesterday afternoon Ruthie was riding her new motor bike, Kit was organizing her wardrobe, and Elizabeth was playing with the sticky hand I just made her, basically driving Kit crazy.                                                                                                                                                 

                                                         Now the this or that!

                                                Baking with Grace or Doll Dining
DFM96_Baking_with_grace_1 (400×400)CLT66_doll_dining_1 (400×400)
                               The stars and strips outfit or The 2-in-1 Gymnastics outfit

DMW66_star_stripe_set_1 (400×400)CMV03_Gymnastics_Outfit_Dolls_1 (400×400)

                                          The Camp treats set or the Slow cooker dinner set
G0655_camp_treats_set_1 (400×400)CLF71_Slow_Cooker_Dinner_Set_1 (400×400)

                                                Grace's bakery or Maryellen's diner
41FNASIozxL._SY355_.jpg (355×355)CMC58_Maryellen_Diner_Set_1 (400×400)
                           Rebecca's tea time traditions or Kit's birthday set

BKF99_Rebecca_teatime_1 (400×400)F5921_kit_birthday_set_1 (400×400)

                                 Maryellen's pajama's or Lea's rainforest dream pajama's

CMC42_Maryellen_Pajamas_1 (400×400)DGT38_Lea_Rainest_Dreams_Pajamas_Dolls_1 (400×400)

                                   Shimmer doodle outfit or the School stripes dress

CKH97_Shimmer_doodle_outfit_dolls_1 (400×400)G0614_school_stripes_dress_dolls_charm_1 (400×400)

                        Sunshine gardening bench or the Sport storage bench  

CHD50_sunshine_gardening_bench_1 (400×400)CLF74_Sport_Storage_Bench_1 (400×400)

                                             Maryellen Larkin  or Nellie (retired)
CMC39_Maryellen_Doll_Book_1 (400×400)41PLV2d6iqL._SY300_.jpg (300×300)

                                        Sporty sunglasses or Tortoise sunglasses

W0900_sporty_sunglasses_1 (170×170)F8162_tortoise_sunglasses_1 (170×170)
And that's it for now!
My pics:
.Doll dining- I have it and it's great!
.Stars and stripes outfit
.ooooooh! Hard one. Probably the Slow cooker diner set.
.Grace's bakery- so many treats!
.hmmmmm.... Rebecca's tea time traditions 
.Lea's are cute, but I have to say Maryellen's pajama's
.Shimmer doodle outfit
.Sunshine gardening bench
.NELLIE!!!! She is sooooo adorable!
.Sporty sunglasses- they are purple ;)

Leave a comment! (Please!) what were your pics?


  1. I LOVE your blog!!!! soooooo AMAZING!!!! Hope you have a great summer start!!! Again love your blog

  2. I really like how your crafts arent as hard as the crafts on agideas and they turn out really good!! ps i learned about your blog from agideas.:)