Monday, May 23, 2016

Going to America - part 9 - A fishing pole

Hello! I really like this craft. It's really simple, but it's so cute! 
You will need:
1. A stick, make sure that it fits in your shoe box chest 
2. String or yarn
3. Wire, or a paperclip. 
4. Glue and scissors 

Step 1. Wrap the string or yarn around one end of your stick, and glue to secure. 

Step 2. Cut of the yarn a few inches longer than the stick.

Step 3. Cut off a piece of wire 2-3" long. If you're using a paper clip, unbend it, and cut it to size.

Step 4. twist your wire in to a hook, with a loop on the top.

Step 5. Now tie the other end of the yarn on to the loop, and you're done!

I will have the seeds and slate up tomorrow, I'm having trouble with the tools. 

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