Sunday, May 15, 2016

Going to America - part 6 - Photo album

Almost everybody brought photo albums, because when they left for America, they never saw the rest of their family again, so they wanted pictures to remind them.

You will need:
1. Thin cardboard from a cereal box 
2. Brown paper bag
3. Regular paper, sharpie, pencil or pen, glue, and scissors

Step 1. Draw two squares on your thin cardboard, 3-3", cut them out.
Step 2. Cover the squares with brown paper... 
...and cover that raw side with a smaller square of paper covering it, like this.
Step 3. Now glue on the spine. I used the handle of the bag, but you can also use a folded up piece or the brown paper.

Now you have a little book cover.
Step 4. Draw the little label on the corner of the paper with sharpie...

...cut it out, and glue it to the book cover.
 Now use the sharpie to draw on the corners.
Step 5. Print out small pictures of your family and doll(s) in black and white, (I put the pics I wanted on a word doc, sized them down, and printed them off the printer.) and glue them into the book.
                                                               Your done! 


  1. This is utterly adorable! I hope your dolls enjoy their custom memories! (Is there a picture of Uncle Albert wrestling crocodiles? Hahahaha...) Great tutorial, keep up the good work! Love, Miss Doris

  2. So cute!!! Im actually working on my going to america right now.:) Could you make a covered wagon??? I would absolutely love that!! Thanks so much!

    1. mabey? wait,now it's sounding doable, hmmmmmmmmm......

    2. mabey? wait,now it's sounding doable, hmmmmmmmmm......