Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Going to America - part 11 -Tools

Alright! there is just this and the wagon to do, the the special post, and the series will be finished! Wow, what will I do after this? And I am trying to resist the dragon books to finish this, but it's hard. It's a dragon book! Any way, 
You will need:
1. Sticks
2. Cardboard
3. Black paint and gray paint
4. Black foam, the thick kind
5. Pencil or pen, and glue 

Step 1. Draw an ax blade on the cardboard 2" long and 1 1/2" at the tallest.

Step 2. Paint black, or cover with black paper or tape, mod podge if you like.

Step 3. Glue it onto a stick that fits in you dolls hand, and long enough for the dolls to hold comfortably. 

My stick has a notch in it, so it won't come off easily.

Step 4. Draw a saw blade 4" long and 1" high on the cardboard and cut it out.
 If you have pinking scissors, USE THEM! it is very hard to cut out all the tiny triangles.

 Step 5. Paint your blade gray, and glue it to a stick about 2" long. I didn't have paint so I used duck tape. (More tiny triangles to cut out!)

Step 6. Cut out two 2" long hammer heads out of thick craft foam, or foam board, and glue together. 

Step 7. Use your scissors to shape it like a real hammer head.
Glue to a stick, and you're done!
And here are all your tools. I like the ax best, what one do you like best? What should I do after this craft series is over?

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