Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The fifth stop - The petrified forest

Hello! Me again, we went to the petrified forest! (I think mama already told you that...) Anyway, it was really pretty!
 (That one has my aunts feet in it...)

We went to the one with the big pieces.

I got to sit on this one.
(Mama got her shadow in it again, that happens in a lot of these pictures, she says sorry)

This one was really colorful!

This one looked like a table! It was smooth to.

I asked mama to take this one.

oooooh! I like this one!

I would have stood up on this one, but it was to bumpy.

Mama spotted a lone flower.

It was hot so I found a shady spot to rest.

Another big chunk of log.

This one had a hole big enough for me to fit in!

These parts look weird.

Mama took my pic at the senic overlook.

This one looks almost real!

I really like it here.

Mama has been experimenting, she likes this one.

Then we went to another part and saw paintings on the rocks.

Bye bye!

Hello, wouldn't it be amazing to be a kid in the tribe who got there first? To see it all, play, and draw on all these rocks?

                                                            Next stop: The grand canyon!

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