Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Going to America - part 10 - seeds and slate

Hi! I have been preparing for the end of this series, where there is going to be a surprise post, but my books just came in from the library, and I don't think that I will get much done. ;)
For the seeds, you will need:
1. Brown paper
2. Rice
3. A sharpie, scissors, ruler, and glue

Step 1. Cut out a rectangle of brown paper 1 1/2" by 4"

Step 2. Fold in half, and glue a long the sides to make a bag. Put rice in for seeds, and glue shut.

Step 3. Label with a sharpie, and make more so your doll can grow lots of things.
For a garden, wrinkle a brown blanket or large piece of fabric for tilled soil. Then your doll can scatter seeds, and watch paper shoots spring up after she waters them with a mini bucket from the dollar store or target.

For the slate, you will need:
1. Cardboard
2. Black paint (or paper)
3. Scissors, ruler, and pencil

Step 1. Cut out a cardboard rectangle 2 1/2" by 4". Round the edges. 

Step 2. Paint on a rectangle on the cardboard, leave a very small border. 
I use this brand of craft paint, and it feels a little chalky when it dries, so it's perfect! 
Now give your doll a piece of chalk and the slate, and she can do her school when there is no work to be done.

Whew. I'm exhausted. Are you? I have school, three awesome books about dragons to read, (wait, that's good!) crafts to finish, crafts to plan, crafts to finish, crafts to blog, and more crafts to finish! Oh, and one of our hens died this morning. She was with us for more than three years, and the first to die of old age, not eaten by something. On the slightly funny side, we can't tell whether it was flopsy or milky way, they were identical. XP

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