Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mornings with Kit - a photo story

 Hello! Kit here this is about what I do in the mornings! First, wake up, usually around 6:30.

Hop out of bed, slip on your slippers and greet your dog.

Then get dressed.

 Comb your hair...

 ...and then try on some makeup just for fun.

                                                                    So pretty!

By now it is 7:00, and time to wake up Ruthie. (If you wake her up before, she is in a bad mood all day!) 
Ruthie, wake up!
Wha, what?
It's time to wake up!
No it's not...
Yes it is! Come on!
Just five more minutes.
No! Up now!
Fine, fine...
(This is actually what I have to do every morning with Ivy!)

Now lets leave Ruthie with that rat's nest hair, and go make breakfast.

Pop a tray of croissants in the oven, and set the table with with everything you need for breakfast.

The croissants are done! 

And by now Ruthie is dressed and has joined us for breakfast.

And now it's time to eat!
After breakfast is about the time Elizabeth shows up, and we do school, tacking turns sitting at the desk, but we don't have school today! Mwahahaha!